This is How Bollywood Responds To Hrithik Roshan’s #bangbangdare Challenge On Twitter

To promote Bang Bang movie Hrithik Roshan has started #bangbangdare challenge on Twitter. Bollywood stars are well responding to his challenge.

2014 is witnessing a whole lot of dares on the internet. It all started for a good cause with #IceBucketChallenge. The viral madness followed in India but then India had its own #RiceBucketChallenge which failed to gain much popularity  but made all the sense in a country where water is scarce for a majority of society.

Bollywood super hero Hrithik Roshan is now taking this further and challenging his friends to the #bangbangdare. Hrithik is challenging his co-stars, friends on Twitter with interesting tasks and Bollywood isn’t disappointing us at all.

The #bangbangdare has been accepted in style by Bollywood stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Sonam Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, among others and this is what we are witnessing on Twitter:

1. Hrithik challenged Shah Rukh Khan to show a picture doing his favourite ab exercise. This was his response

2. A handstand with 3 push ups in high heels was the challenge to Priyanka Chopra and she did it in style

3. A collection of the happiest craziest smiles was the challenge to Sonam Kapoor and she did her best

4. 100 body weight pull ups in five sets in five days was the challenge to Uday Chopra

5. 20 parallel bar dips, one set in three days was the challenge for Dino Morea

6. 100 skips was the challenge for his friend Dabboo Ratnani

7. Pose in the middle of any main street of Mumbai for your fans was the challenge to Ranveer Singh, he danced in the middle of the road

8. Run/cycle down bandstand in your skydiving suit was the challenge to Farhan Akhtar, he accepted gracefully

9. Hanging ab crunches upside down was the challenge to Farah Khan Ali, she accepted it

10. Shoot a RAP in a style was the challenge to Nargis Fakhri, she did in style

11. On popular demand as a challenge Aamir Khan was asked to take off the famous transistor, he didn’t disappoint

Next in line are Katrina Kaif and Shraddha Kapoor to accept the challenge. While it is an interesting exercise by Hrithik, it is also a part of the promotions for his upcoming action movie, Bang Bang. The #bangbangdare is building up the madness on Twitter and other social networks but will the movie also build up within the audience. We will have to wait till October 2nd, until that time keep checking Hrithik’s Twitter account for more such crazy challenges.