HP Labs Personalized Video App- A Review

HP Labs Personalized Video App- A Review

HP Labs recently launched its personalized video beta app for users. The app which is in beta phase has been designed to increase the online video experience that is already creating quite a buzz in Inida. HP’s new app allows you to create channels of your preference, prioritizing videos based on rating, exploring similar videos, annotating videos and sharing the videos over social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. But the new app launched by HP is really cool? Read on more for our insights on the app.


HP Lab’s app needs to be downloaded and installed on your laptop or computer for now. Which is fairly easy to do but don’t we like the simple plugins that are encapsulated with the browser. This is one area that HP Lab’s should be excited to improve.

User Experience:

The App allows you do few interesting things with showcasing you videos of your choice.

  • Channels: This is where you create personalized videos for your self. Lets say you are a fan of football and would love to see the same videos like us. So we created a Football channel with suggested keywords provided by the app such as ‘Real Madrid’, ‘Manchester United’ and a keyword provided by us as ‘Messi’. The app fetched all the relevant videos but make sure you enter the right keywords. The suggested video suggestions are cool and entering your preference makes the app exciting.
Adding Channels
  • Related Pages and Similar Videos: These features extend the app experiences. The ‘Related Pages’ takes you to websites where discussions are going on for the video being watched by you. ‘Similar Videos’ lets you choose similar kind of videos that is being viewed by you. Both the features justify the apps purpose.
  • Sharing: Sharing of videos presently is limited to Facebook and Twitter. Though HP Labs is allowing to share the videos on two really big networks but the sharing is quite rugged. It just copies the link on your profile and you need to share. This is one more area HP should look into; first by making the sharing process more easy and also introducing to other social networks.
  • Annotating and Rating Videos:You can add annotations while you are watching a video and rating of vides are being done by ‘Like’ or ‘Dislike’ icons.You can like a video but not sure if its being shared on social media platforms(we didn’t see such activity and we presume that its being stored on HP’s servers). Both the features that are provided are right now not that great. It would be really cool if HP makes these two features to be shared on social websites too.
HP Lab's Personalized App

Overall Experience:

It is an app created keeping the future market in mind where HP wants to drive people especially Indians to watch online content more. But the app needs some serious modifications such as,

  1. Getting rid of ‘.exe’ installable and why an age old submission form before downloading?
  2. Making the sharing more cool on various social media networks is a must.
  3. Annotating and rating experiences should also be carried to the social networks.
  4. And a mobile app in the near future can make the HP Lab’s app real powerful one.

But till then we are better off watching videos on Youtube or Vimeo. So what do you think about HP Lab’s new app? Are you excited about it?