HP India Crowdsources From Its Facebook Community

An article about the HP India Facebook song crowdsourced from Its Facebook Community, for the community, in gratitude of reaching 1 lakh fan count.

How does a brand celebrate when it reaches the 1 lakh number on Facebook? Most of us have seen contests galore or just a simple thank you, but have we come across a song for the community, created by the community?  When the HP India Facebook page crossed the 100,000 fans mark last month, the brand decided to do something different. It started an innovative social co-creation project along with the fans, the result of which is this song ‘Rise up’, it’s first-ever Facebook community song! ((source: Exchange4Media))

[youtube o0RTpEcbG2w 500 300]

Ankit Bhardwaj, a musician who had won the Beats Audio music contest on HP fan page last year, composed and recorded this song with the help of his band ‘The Basement’. Ankit had provided the first few lines line of the song, which was then given to the community to add one line per fan. When I scrolled below through the wall updates, I saw a bunch of aspiring lyricists, participating actively.  The pictures are of the fans who contributed to the lyrics. Hence, ‘Rise up’ becomes the first-ever crowdsourced song from a Facebook community, where all the elements - lyrics, music and video have been sourced from the community itself.

If I could just briefly list out the features that jumped out at me and secretly hope that more brands and businesses would adapt to the land of social media, I would be more than happy. Here are a few bright ideas, we could learn:

Bringing out a real life community behavior

The concept is interesting, especially as it imitates a real life community behavior, with every member contributing to the whole. Concepts like these, which closely resemble how a community interacts, communicates and shares ideas, will certainly help in raising the engagement levels and building a loyal community. You may have a big fan count, but if they are disinterested in you, then there cannot be real engagement in the long term; contests may not help either.

Crowdsourcing or Fan-sourcing, if you may

The coolest part - sourcing from the community itself! You have the right number of fans (a lakh or more) who are basically young people on the go and you have found out your main lead (The Beats Audio contest winner Ankit) too. So now all you have to do is start a fun project. Get everyone to contribute, to compete amongst themselves and create a ‘thing’ that they can call their own. And something that you own and are proud of, will be shared with near and dear ones too, isn’t it?

Youth Appeal or targeting to the youth

When you are a brand that caters to the digital hunger, and you want young people to join your community, music is a good theme. Besides, the raw feel of the self-created video is certainly going to appeal to the youth. And that is vital to a brand’s social growth, when it creates products for the youth.

With the growing competition, social media ‘seems’ to be getting its due this year. Brands are finding innovative ways and means to show their gratitude and to become a memorable part of your life.

Have you come across any such interesting campaigns? Do share them with us and also what you like about this idea by HP India.

Slider image courtesy: crowdsource-gazette.com