HP India’s #BendTheRules TVC Salutes Gen Y For Its ‘New Approach’ To Life

HP India steers ahead its year-long campaign #BendTheRules with new variation “I like your soch but love my approach" that celebrates the new ways of getting things done


Today’s youth is a go-getter. They’d rather bend the rules to win at the game, than live their life on a conveyor belt. They believe in finding their own path or creating one to get to their dream destination. They do not like to be told what to do or how to do it, but always find a way – enabled by technology – to do it in their own innovative way.

And, most of all, you cannot buy them with ads. This generation does not like ads and tech giants have made peace with that. Globally, and in India, tech companies are positioning themselves as active enablers of peoples’ dreams, passions and goals in life.

Like many millennial-focussed brands today, HP India has also joined the ‘brand’ wagon of saluting the entrepreneurial spirit in today’s youth. The tech giant’s #BendTheRules campaign that was launched last year with actress Deepika Padukone as the face of the campaign in India, is now out with a fresh avatar.

The latest TVC made for the campaign salutes Gen Y for its ‘new approach’ to life. Titled, “I like your soch but love my approach”, the new TVC by BBDO brings a cheeky twist to the brand’s year-old communication campaign.

The 40-second spot starts in a café where this young guy is seen on a video call through his HP laptop. He is heard saying that he will be working from home, after this meeting. In the next table are seated a group of corporate oldies, who happen to hear this and start making comments. One of them says that in his time ‘work from home’ was unacceptable, while another says that this young generation is all talk and less work. Another concludes with, “Inki approach aur hamari soch mein zameen aasman ka fark hai”. Soon the young guy and the group leave the cafe for their respective meetings.

The scene then cuts to a conference room: the group enters to find their boss is with the young guy from the café. Their boss introduces him as the new investor they were expecting!

Hardly believing their eyes, one of them asks the young guy where is his office, while holding his visiting card. The young guy from the cafe who is also their investor now, taps his laptop in response. He then smilingly retorts, “I like your soch but love my approach”.

The ad features the HP Pavilion x360, calling it as made for ‘a generation that works differently’. The screen flashes in bold: #BendTheRules.

HP’s #BendTheRules campaign has also been promoting its new product that bends too – the HP Pavilion x360, a value-packed convertible PC, which easily converts from notebook, to stand, to tent, to tablet mode. And the company has been building a video database of real life stories alongside the TVCs, in which the protagonists had bent the rules to find their true passion.

Vijay Singh of Rajputana Customs; Varun Agarwal, founder of Alma Mater and Last Minute films; Comedian Abhish Mathew; Malavath Poorna, the youngest girl to climb Mount Everest; Deepak Ravindran, founder of Innoz; Ishita Malaviya, founder Shaka Surf club, YouTube star Shraddha Sharma were among the ‘Bend the rules’ star whose stories were shared.

This time the brand is bringing forth real life stories of ‘new approach for every soch’. The HP India YouTube channel is now an array of video stories celebrating new approach. Here’s a video story of Nitin Saluja and Raghav Verma of Chaayos who take us through their journey of starting up, along with the various kinds of ‘soch’ they had to deal with.

To keep up with funny on the social web, the brand also roped in popular comedian duo - Suresh Menon and Hozay, who bring a hilarious twist to ‘soch and approach’. Watch it to believe it:

Great soch, alag approach!

#BendTheRules has added fresh life to HP, and made it way cooler and relevant for the younger generation. For an ancient tech brand like HP generally perceived as a good brand for your grandparents, #BendTheRules has helped HP shed off its earlier image. HP is now a cooler, younger brand that salutes ‘new approach’ while bending the rules.

Ever since last year, the brand has been bonding with millennials one video story at a time. The new concept is a slight variation to ‘bend the rules’ but is still helping carry the brand communication further. Celebrating the culture of ‘working from home’ and having an entire office inside your laptop is the way to go for a tech brand. Great soch, alag approach!