How Kingfisher Has Evolved Beyond Campaigns To Build Platforms Supported Through Social Media

We take a look at how Kingfisher has evolved beyond campaigns to build community platforms supported through social media


While technology is dominating the way we live, the consumer has shifted to the digital world and consumption is mostly through the internet. In the process, brands are getting experimental and messages are being pushed through social media platforms. Armed with content as the key, we are witnessing more and more brands experimenting with content and creating platforms for target consumers.

One such brand is Kingfisher from the house of United Breweries, which believes in creating communities of like-minded people. Following Kingfisher’s successful stint with the Heineken social reporter where the brand had conducted a Facebook hunt for one passionate football fan amongst its community, the beverage brand had gained insights on the benefits of building an involved community, rather than devoting energy to campaigns around a product category.


The Heineken social reporter was chosen amongst 400 applicants where the final 15 applicants voted by Facebook fans had to go through a three-stage selection process. One had to apply through an app on Facebook to enter the hunt.

The final assessment was based on their football knowledge, passion for the game and personality traits. While the winner got the chance to watch the UEFA Champions League Finals 2013 at Wembley and also share his experience on Heineken’s social media channels, Kingfisher learnt the significance of relevant engagement. It extended it with ‘Road to the Finals’ campaign with a Facebook app.

Kingfisher Blue Mile for the adventure seekers

The brand has sought to build varied communities associated with each of its products. The Kingfisher Blue Mile serves as a platform for the adventure seeking youth, while also positioning Kingfisher Blue as the beer with an adventurous spirit. The recently concluded Blue Mile adventure trip gave six adventure lovers chosen through a Twitter contest, an all expenses paid trip to explore the adventures of the Andamans.


A dedicated microsite built for the Kingfisher Blue Mile comprises of a blog that captures day to day adventures, and a gallery with pictures and videos of the participants. The journey has been shared on the Facebook and Twitter pages of Kingfisher. But, the conversations do not stop here. The six participants have been invited to pen down their experiences to avail a direct entry to the next edition of the Blue Mile adventures. The most talked about and interactive travelogue about the Andaman adventure wins.

Kingfisher Strong Backstage for aspiring singers

Of late, the beverage brand has launched ‘Kingfisher Strong Backstage’- an online platform for aspiring artists to share their music with the world. Kingfisher Strong, the premium beer that symbolizes the values of strength, style, youthfulness, power and machoism, plans to launch strong emerging talent in an increasingly digitized space.


Here singers are launched over a series of webisodes where fans can listen and vote for their favourites. The first edition of the Kingfisher Strong Backstage, has set the stage for six aspiring singers from varied backgrounds, musical traditions and genres. A dedicated microsite gives you more details about the artists, a gallery featuring their photos and videos, and in the Songs section, you can give a listen to each of their original songs.

The Kingfisher Strong Backstage has been leveraging Kingfisher’s social media platforms. With over 6.1 million Facebook fans, Kingfisher can very well provide an audience for these aspiring talents. Each of the participants were introduced with a teaser update and a Facebook app now features their videos too.

While speaking to Samar Singh Shekhawat, SVP Marketing at United Breweries, he stated that the brand is not looking for vanilla campaigns as the returns on them were quite limited. Kingfisher wants to build sustainable community platforms and these are quite visible in their recent efforts be it for sports, adventure, fashion or talent.

Building community platforms is the way forward for a beer brand like Kingfisher. As social media evolves in the future, all major brands in India will have to channelize the millions of Facebook fans.