How You Can Win The World’s First Layered Phone Via #VibeUpMyLife

Lenovo is unveiling the world's first layered phone on November 6 through the #VibeUpMyLife online challenge, where you can share pictures and Rad artists will add a layer to vibe it up

Lenovo, the Chinese multinational computer tech company is bringing in the world’s first layered phone that can add a layer of excitement to your life. All set to be unveiled on the 6th of November, the countdown to the grand launch has already begun. And what’s even cooler is that the company is running a super cool challenge where you can not only experience the layers but also stand to win the phone! (See this for the live coverage and behind the scenes of the event)

To bring a feel of the world’s first layered phone, Lenovo has teamed up with 10 Rad artists for the #VibeUpMyLife challenge, a 72 hour Art-a-Thon where you can challenge the Rad artists to add exciting vibes to your pictures or pictures of your friends. The challenge is on at the dedicated site designed by creative digital agency Experience Commerce.

Participation is easy. You need to either like the Lenovo India Facebook page or follow the Lenovo India Twitter page and share a picture you want to be vibed up using the hashtag #VibeUpMyLife.

You need to specify the layer you want to add to your picture – romance, thrill, mystery, bling, etc. or you could go completely imaginative and come up with your own layer too. So when you share your picture, you add ‘#VibeUpMyLife with a layer of mystery’.


The most creative and interesting challenges have  been featured in the VibeStream on the site. You can visit the site to see if your photo has been featured. Like, share or retweet to win votes to get closer to winning daily prizes. You can also write why you enjoyed participating in the contest to qualify for the grand prize.

See what the Rad artists have added. Pallavi and her friend were longing for the weekend:

Dipen wanted a layer of Afro:

Vibe up your life and keep watching this space for more updates which we are bringing to you in association with Experience Commerce. Only two days to go…