How Was Your 2012 On Facebook And Twitter?

About the facebook and Twitter apps that review your 2012 in a cool way and provide the entire years snapshot

5 years back I would rush through the newspapers to know about my new year. But I always wished if someone would run down the memories of the year that had passed by. Social media is a life saver again and for all those who live with Twitter and Facebook today, you can now go back in the past and see how the year was for you, along with the popular trends of the world.

This year both Facebook and Twitter have come up with smart apps that allow you to go back and revisit your 2012. Not only that, you are also provided with a snapshot of how the world behaved in 2012.

See your 2012 via Facebook

Some time back Facebook had launched Facebook Stories to share some extraordinary stories which were life changing. We shared Mayank Sharma’s inspiring story in which we spoke how Facebook has been one of the sources to make his life beautiful.

Now along with many other such stories, Facebook is sharing stories from 2012. The site is now sharing stories that shaped 2012 for US and rest of the world. In the India Trends section, the social network shares two very interesting data sets of 2012 along with a timeline snapshot of your entire year in 2012.

1. Songs of 2012: It is a list of top 10 songs that have been shared most on Facebook in 2012. ‘Tum Hi Ho Bandhu’ from the movie Cocktail topped the charts followed by ‘Daaru Desi’ again from Cocktail and ‘Pani Da Rang’ from Vicky Donor, at number 2 and 3 spots respectively.

2. Check-ins of 2012: Similarly, Facebook has released another infograph where it shows the trends of checkins made. Based on the checkins Delhi-ites seem to have been more proactive, as most of the checked-in places are from the capital of India.

According to the data provided, Select City Walk, a popular mall in south Delhi, is the most checked in location on Facebook for 2012. In addition to the popular mall in south Delhi being the most checked-in location on Facebook for 2012, Ambience mall from Delhi, Inorbit mall from Mumbai and The Great India Place in Delhi NCR are also within the overall top 15.

See your 2012 via Twitter

Twitter hasn’t been behind too and the platform has come up with a cool way of showcasing 2012 visually. The platform has created a microsite 2012 Year on Twitter with multiple sections such as Golden Tweets, Pulse of the Planet, Only On Twitter, Trends, New Voices and of course Your Year on Twitter.

Each and every section that has been created by Twitter, summarizes the activities that changed the world via Twitter. However, the interesting thing to note here is the way Twitter has showed that it is no more an information site but a content site.

Golden Tweets is the section where you can find the tweets or activities that not only created history on Twitter but impacted the world too. The most lovable hug - after Barack Obama won the US Presidential chair for another four years - no doubt tops the list!

“Only On Twitter” were the moments on Twitter that came to life just because of Twitter that grew organically. For example “The Deepest Tweet” was one such tweet that James Cameron tweeted from 35,755 feet beneath the sea.

“Year On Twitter” is the section that might interest you more since it tells about your activities on Twitter. Powered by Vizify, the page helps you to relive your moments but only for 3200 tweets. So go ahead, have a look and find out who were your Golden Follower and what you ranted about most in 2012.

I was disappointed to see that Indians didn’t make a mark on Twitter. Maybe one of the reason could be the lower penetration of the network in India. Nevertheless, I think both the initiatives from Twitter and Facebook are really cool and I am sure in the coming days there would be lots of apps who will use the API and come up with such initiatives. But for now these two should be good enough to keep you glued and share with your world.