How To Use Data In NewsRooms That Don’t Drive Off Writers #SXSW

On day two at SXSW Interactive 2015, Lexi Nisita and Wright Bryan talk how Refinery29 and NPR are using data to drive results without driving off writers


Day two at SXSW 2015 Interactive in the Content and Distribution kicked of with an interesting discussion - “Data-Driven Newsrooms That Don’t Drive Off Writers“.

Data is playing a huge role across industries if the organization is ready to adopt. The concept of “data-driven media” is a hot topic right now, but it calls for a cultural shift from a purely editorial mindset to one that combines creativity with science.

Refinery29 and NPR are two successful media companies with very different audiences and histories — R29 is a fast-growing, digital-only fashion and lifestyle brand, while NPR has evolved beyond its roots in terrestrial radio to both online and mobile platforms in a way that few legacy brands can boast. Ultimately, both have built company cultures that not only accept but also leverage data to create better and more successful content.

Listed below are some of the curated insights from the session that was packed before it could start off.

Insights from Lexi Nisita, Social Media Dir, Refinery29

Insights from Wright Bryan, Editor, NPR

The hour-long session was packed and received good feedback from audience.

Image credit: Twitter