How To Report Fake Facebook Profile Or Impersonation

Article that shares thoughts on How To Report Fake Facebook Profile Or Impersonation

Facebook is a very interesting place only if you have known friends in your friend list. But all is not good always. We know how technology can be misused and with social media, things can spread like wild fire without you being aware. Recently I came across a status update that was posted by a friend of mine. Since the title called for help and ideas on a problem, I was instantly dragged to the post and began to follow what people are  talking about it.

The status update was a story about a girl who has recently found out that a fake Facebook profile of her created by someone is circulating on Facebook. The creator has used all possible ways to make the girls life hell by sharing provocative pictures, phone numbers, address, etc. Obviously not a first case and won’t be the last case on social media or especially Facebook in India. This situation prevailed during Orkut days and before that too. However the big question is not why they are happening but what should be done in such a case.

Some of the solutions that I could get via Facebook and doing some search are shared below:

1. The first and basic thing that one should do is report the fake account to Facebook. The relevant information is available in the Facebook Help Center and the below screen shot should help you.

How to report or block person on Facebook

Along with the above, try reaching out to Facebook via mail on [email protected] and [email protected] to explain the problem. The same was tried by a girl who had faced similar situation and things did get resolved.

2. Apart from this, one can send a message to all his or her friends expressing the concern and not to accept any kind of requests from the fake profile. This can atleast curtail the problem to some extent.

3. And finally going to the Police is one of the vital and important aspects too. The reason why I am saying it is important, as you never know when is Facebook going to act on the problem that you are facing right now. And the process from Facebook is going to take time as it anyways doesn’t mention how long will it take to close the fake account and you won’t be the only one complaining about it. There would be whole bunch of people having the same problem. So it is always better to go to your local Police or Cyber Cell division cause they can then trace the IP of the fake profile creator and try to bring some respite to your life. If you are looking for help in Mumbai, then here is the link of the Mumbai Cyber Cell division, which I had obtained from the conversation that happened on my friends Facebook wall.(Cyber Cell India promises to do the same for all Indians but the site fails to respond most of the times).

I understand that it is really not easy to list down the steps but these are the few ways one can try to stop such kind of behavior and create awareness among people. However these incidents are not only common for girls but school kids are not being pardoned too.

I think it’s high time when Facebook introduces validating accounts not only for celebrities but also for common people. With this the latest news that the government setting up a National Cyber Coordination Center  to screen content which won’t be an easy job, makes sense if it is also for the help of citizens and not only for opportunistic goals.

It would be great if you can share any other ways or means that you are aware of how to report a fake Facebook profile or impersonation.

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