How To Generate Interesting Content On Your Blog

by Prasant Naidu on February 15, 2022

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The primary thing that makes your Blog stand out and yield results in the long run is the content. Readers come to a Blog for interesting content along with other things. Being a Blogger I understand how important and challenging it is to create fresh, quality content day in and day out. From day one you won’t understand what clicks and what doesn’t. It is a continuous process which you learn with time. However, there are some ways I have found that could help you in generating interesting content for your Blog.  The tips and tricks have all either been gathered from what experts have shared or from what I have learnt the hard way.

Have Patience

1. Find a niche: Blogging is all about expressing your thoughts. Some blog for expressing their general feelings and the rest blog with an objective in mind. Both kinds of bloggers can generate interesting ideas but personally speaking if you hold a niche then you can generate appealing content, readers know what they can expect here and this way you can drive dedicated traffic to your Blog. For example we all know what Labnol and Shoba De write on their Blog. One has chosen technology as his arm, the other loves to share the glitters of page 3 but both have their popularity. So choosing a niche is what I believe in if you are take Blogging seriously. Especially startup guys, this is one small advice to you.

2. Blog regularly: I have seen so many people frown that they can’t Blog regularly. Well you never started so you will never know what fun it is in doing it regularly. When I started Blogging I had no clue how to Blog daily but then I got a chance to read a Blog post from my mentor Chris Brogan. Start doing it the natural way, don’t force yourself even if you are not Blogging regularly, three times a week is good. Sends a bold message across to readers that you are serious with your Blog and by doing that you will get more ideas and interesting ones too. I have experienced the feeling so I am sure if you are serious then you would too.

Maintain it

3. Store your thoughts: Now this must be silly but this is very important. Start storing your thoughts in an excel sheet, on your pocket device or in a diary. Do whatever suits you. A lot of time I get ideas when I am not Blogging or when I am reading, so I store them and sort them while I am building a content plan. Initially the list was a small one but now it is growing day by day.

4. Build a content plan: Initially I was not interested in a content plan as I thought it was another process-oriented work. Today I think differently and can’t live without a content plan. The content plan not only gives me a visual idea of the mix of articles I can create for the week but also helps me track articles that were interesting or boring. So it gives me a great way to know things and plan my stuff.

5. Try variations with content: Trying variations means mixing your content and changes in the ways in which you serve it to your readers. For example you can cover an interview in a video format or if you want to write an insightful post, add a SlideShare ppt with it. These subtle changes provide an interesting representation of content and I am sure you will get positive responses from your readers.

Don't Stop Experimenting

6. Try not to focus on general trends: What is the point in making another Kolaveri video or writing an article on why it has become a success. As a Blogger that is the challenge one will be tempted with but will you get readers based on it. I doubt, as there are easily another hundred bloggers writing on the same stuff. What has worked for me is sticking to the objective and not following the norm. People will write about 10 ways to grow your fan count; how about writing 10 mistakes you did on Twitter/Facebook?

7. Use social media as research tool: Social media is a great way to do research and also the best way to get content and responses from fans. I have used LinkedIn Answers, Quora, Facebook Questions to get some good responses over the year on my Blog. You can really make great content if you can use social media for research.

8. Try to read Influential Blogs: Reading influential Blogs is beneficial for two reasons. 1) You get to read thought provoking content and 2) you will find the crowd out there commenting on them. For example you will find amazing discussions happening on TechCrunch comment section or on MediaNama. These discussions can lead to exciting new ideas for content if you want to. I have got a lot of amazing ideas. How about you?

Finally have patience. No Blog attracts a million hits on day one or in a year or two. Blogging takes its own time and pace so one needs to have patience. With time you will learn. If I compare my older articles with the ones I write now, I can see a lot of improvement. Saying that I am still learning and a novice in the Blogging world but I am enthusiastic of writing interesting stuff on my blog. How do you write interesting stuff on your blog?  Mind sharing your trade secrets.

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Prasant Naidu

Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights. Loves to experiment in social media and believes social media is a game changer for SME's.

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  • Vijay S Paul

    Thats an inspiring read. Thanks Prasant! :)

    • Prasant Naidu

      glad you liked it :)

  • Cashinghub

    As you says social media is a game changer for any Business, truly it does work for business in every aspects. Even generating new content time to time is only possible through social media and bookmarking sites. We learn and grow from with social media. Thanks for this informative post. 

    • Prasant Naidu

      great thoughts and social media can only help you if we put on the extra effort and have patience. thanks for posting your thoughts.

  • Anonymous

    Good key-points you mentioned :) Keep it up 

    • Prasant Naidu

      Cheers bro :)

  • Vivek Chidura

    really gr8 tips…..

    • Prasant Naidu

      glad you liked them :)

  • Amit Ganguly

    I was wondering about the Social Media research point you have mentioned. Can you elaborate it further as in what kind of research or so. More so over the years how Blogs can ‘mature’ is something that ought to be discussed too.

    • Prasant Naidu

      when i am doing a insighful article i use sm to post questions or run polls to get view points from people. it helps me lot. rest u mature with your aligned to objective

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