How To Drive Traffic From Social Media To Your Blog

by Prasant Naidu on January 18, 2022

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With the invention of interesting social networks, there has been a domino effect in the blogging world. Although sharing and reach of content has drastically improved, it also meant that people were happy enough to tweet or like instead of commenting on the blog. I may be completely wrong in saying this, as there are numerous blogs, which have amazing engagement via comments. For example: whether it’s Chris Brogan, Labnol, Techcrunch or, all have amazing discussions on various contents. So having an interesting content today is a must but sharing the content is also required. If you are not ready to share or spread the word of your content then how will people know about it? Only if you’re the next Seth Godin but he too has bots doing the stuff for him!

So these are some simple ways to drive traffic from social media to your blog which has great content but poor reach:

1. Sharing content on social media networks: Sharing your content on social media is the basic thing you do as a blogger. There are various ways to do it either you can have feeds doing the work or you can do it for yourself. I prefer using both. On Twitter I use feed and on Facebook and LinkedIn, I to do it manually as I can add a custom message while I am sharing or leave with an intriguing thought for my fans/followers. Even if you are using feeds make sure that you use a better one so that you can customize the way you want. Try using or Buffer both have given me amazing results in the last one year.

2. Right placement of share buttons: Today the scenario with social networks is that you can’t finish counting them. So don’t blindly insert sharing networks that are present in this world. Try and use the ones where your fans are present. I have seen people using the same networks on the top of the article and at the end of the article. For me it doesn’t make sense. I prefer to use the sharing slider and few more at the end of my post. Over the time, I have removed sharing buttons too such as Reddit, etc. as it was not bringing me any traffic. So test it for yourself and try to see how it works.

3. Integrating Commenting Platform: Comments are the best way of engaging on blogs whether it is yours or of someone else’s. However integrating a third party commenting system in your blog really helps for various reasons. 1) You can share the comments on to social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. 2) You can get an idea who that particular person is and 3) Commenting platforms such as Disqus/Livefyre gives you a dashboard to know whole bunch of stuff. I have used Disqus for more than a year now and I am happy with it. So pick the one that suits you and get more crowds from social media. However when you share on Facebook, don’t try to overdo it as Facebook smartly organizes all of them into one.

4. Start interesting conversations: Social network is about conversations. Over a period of time people will recognize what you share. For example, on Twitter I don’t have a personal profile, I have one as @LHInsights. My followers know what I share and what discussions I indulge into. So before writing an exciting article I try to share some snippets and believe me I have got good response. However do this when you really feel like doing it. For example, I publish interview with influencers in social media world so I tweet one or two content in a while just to get some more eyeballs.

5. Finding unique ways to use social networks: Creating a social network profile and giving a different experience to a fan is something vastly different. People or brands that have understood this are doing well on social media. For example when I started my blog, I had a Facebook page with 13 fans and Twitter had a community that was not my target group. So starting with Twitter, I had the choice of connecting randomly or starting conversations with them. I did both. I used Twitter apps such as Followerwonk, Twellow, etc. to connect to people but at the same time, I added two Twitter lists of influencers. I engaged with people from the list with meaningful conversations. Impact was that people started following me slowly and once they were aware what my blog was about, there was an obvious pull to it. A slow process but then building of trust takes time.

6. Write guest posts: Another common way but still very effective. If you think you can write good then approach the influential bloggers in your domain and share your content with them. I have done with Penn Olson couple of times whenever I had a great matter ready and doing so has helped me lot. My work was appreciated, people shared my article and it also got me lot of healthy traffic. So don’t forget this old and successful mantra of blogging.

7. Make your blog your statement: What I mean is inserting your blog link at the right places and create more eyeballs. So you can add that link into your Twitter bio but make sure you provide a cool landing page. People have spoken about Twitter landing page but you can also draw your fans to your ‘about me’ page rather than your homepage. I have added my blog as a tab on my Facebook fan page, it is also out there on my LinkedIn profile, email signature, etc. The idea is to add wherever you feel the need. I believe fans are lazy so you will have to walk that extra mile to serve your stuff.

8. Try to engage on niche forums or groups: Social media is beyond Facebook. Every network has its own purpose just as discussion forums do. So one thing what I believe is that forums are not dead and 2012 will see more of them as I expressed in my guest post at Penn Olson. I have joined forums started by and Social Media Examiner. Along with this I follow few LinkedIn groups. It serves two objectives: i) information and ii) people know about you and connect to your blog. A Forum being a likeminded space gives you many new ideas and a medium to share your thoughts too. I have been benefited much and will dedicate more time on forums and groups in this year. Only advice here is: start small and grow big.

9. Try not to be a bot: The biggest learning I have had on social media is don’t be a bot because bots can’t drive traffic the way you can. So use social media as a human being because the people out there are also humans. The way you don’t like silly stuff, expect the same from people when you do so. So engage in meaningful discussions and don’t be in a hurry to share your post. If you think there are better authors who have done the same job well, then share their stuff. I wrote an article on online influence and reading Mark Schaefer blog inspired me so I gave credit to him on my blog. Also I tagged him on Twitter and the end result was that he happily shared it with his fans. Small things like these help. So be human and don’t be a bot.

Hope you have liked these tips. Do let me know of any interesting ways to drive fans from social media to your blog. I am all ears guys :)

P.S. The same was shared by me at the Startup Saturday Pune meet that happened on 14th January,2012.

Prasant Naidu

Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights. Loves to experiment in social media and believes social media is a game changer for SME's.

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  • Mark W. Schaefer

    Yes, things like that help : ) 

    It’s all about connecting and helping each other. We’re all in this together, right?  Thanks for continuing the discussion Prasant!

    • Prasant Naidu

      Thanks Mark :) yes we as bloggers are all in this in appreciating good content.

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    awesome, love the post

    • Prasant Naidu

      thanks for your comments :)

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    Interesting. Thanks for the tips… 

    • Prasant Naidu

      Thanks :)

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