How The Good Deed Marathon Takes An Integrated Route With Radio, Cinema, Social Media & Influencers

A look at the integrated approach by Standard Chartered Good Deed Marathon where the initiative uses various mediums like radio, cinema, social media, etc to maximise reach

Good Deed marathon

Standard Chartered’s Good Deed Marathon has been keeping Mumbai busy with doing good deeds. This is the bank’s initiative to create a movement that will spread smiles in the city, ahead of the bank’s signature charity event – the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon. Apart from a range of engaging activities on social media in partnership with digital agency Flying Cursor, the Good Deed Marathon has been designed to provide an inclusive experience for everyone in the city, whether they are offline or present online.

Good Deed marathon

Leveraging radio and cinema

For this, the campaign partnered with Radio Mirchi, a popular radio channel in Mumbai and PVR Cinemas, who together helped in spreading the word among their patrons. While popular social media platforms geared up to get Mumbaikars to join the movement, Radio Mirchi and PVR Cinemas also chipped in simultaneously with pre-buzz launch.

Since the 5th of December, there have been radio spots and RJ mentions asking people to tell Mumbai what good deed they want to do. People could register and even get starter packs through Radio Mirchi. The channel also activated Good Deed Marathon taxis that gave a free lift to commuters from Andheri station to Seepz for 5 working days. Apart from a starter pack, commuters were also given a refresher pack in the taxi. Also, a mall activation brought alive the experience and rewards of doing good.

PVR cinemas began with screening the Coming Soon film and then the launch film which asks people – what would they do, if they could do a good deed. Additionally, people buying tickets during this time received Good Deed Marathon bands.

Amplifying the online voice

Along with sharing informative posts on the social media platforms of the Good Deed Marathon, the initiative partnered with digital publications like Mumbai Boss, Mumbai Mag and We are Mumbai who further shared the videos of the initiative while encouraging their followers to join the movement. Each of them gave starter packs and hosted Twitter contests for sharing good deeds. The best three won specially designed merchandise everyday.

A video film featuring eminent sportsmen and commentators like Milkha Singh, Dick Beardsley and Charu Sharma shares what good they would do. Also, individuals who do good in their lives shared what drove them to do good. A video film on each of Aditi Mittal, the popular standup comedian, Ganesh Nayak, Founder at Animals Matter To Me and Nitesh Mohanty, Founder of Root, a social and political change maker, has been shared on the social networks of the Good Deed Marathon. Here’s Ganesh Nayak talking about Animals Matter To Me:

Bracing up for the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon

The Good Deed Marathon has successfully set the stage for Mumbai’s annual charity event ‘Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2014’, one of the biggest charity events in the country that sees numerous marathoners run for a social cause. This time the bank made it inclusive for everyone in the city by spreading the movement of doing good. Mumbai now has a directory of good. People can now find themselves a cause that is after their own heart and help in any which way they want.

The integrated approach of the Good Deed Marathon helped the initiative to reach online as well as the city’s offline masses. Along with radio, and cinema, teaming up with online publications that focused on Mumbai helped to reach out to the citizens. The use of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and mobile apps ensured one can have easy access and thus participation. While the partnerships with influencers and people who are doing good helped build a momentum, the passing on of the band after doing a good deed made all the people of Mumbai as brand ambassadors of the Good Deed Marathon.

With the Good Deed Marathon, Standard Chartered has created a platform through which people can keep doing good, which is, interestingly also aligned with the bank’s promise, ‘Here for good’.