How Social Media Is Helping A Guitarist And A Photographer

An article on how social media is helping photographer Auditya Venkatesh and guitarist Naveen Thomas Joseph

Auditya Venkatesh
naveen thomas joseph
Image Courtesy: Facebook Page

Social Media has given wings to many dreams. If the other day, a 9 year old guy made news over the internet, then the stories of Auditya Venkatesh and Naveen Thomas Joseph need to be told too, as they are equally inspiring. Stories of how both of them have used social media and how it has given them results, as an inspiration to local businesses and startups to be bullish on social media.

I met these two inspiring guys at the ESummit event organized by IIT Roorkee. Auditya, who is a professional photographer and is now busy clicking pictures somewhere in Haridwar, has used social media extensively and built his entire business on it. Naveen who eats, drinks and sleeps music is a lead guitarist and believes that social media has helped them in more than one way.

Naveen, who is one of the band members of the Junkyard Groove, has an incredible Facebook fan page with a community of more than 36,000 fans. This number has been achieved after months of constant and relevant content on the page with zero ads. While on our return journey from Roorkee, Naveen told me in a conversation,

[pullquote id=”lhipull” class=”center_pull”]Facebook has made us closer to our fans, earlier it was really a problem but Facebook has made it so easy to express your self, inform and communicate with brands. Not only that, it has helped to us earn positive word of mouth specially among the youth[/pullquote]

Naveen is a Facebook person and while we were talking, he was updating his Instagram pictures on his Facebook page. However, he said that we are not using social media for business purpose. He adds that,

[pullquote is=”lhipull” class=”center_pull”]Music has its own feel and you need to see it live and listen to believe it. So most of our business comes from some stage shows, etc.[/pullquote]

It was good to see that Naveen was very clear with their objective on social media, but I wish more brands could have had such clear thought process too! Naveen further adds that these days he is investing lot of time in creation of music and the band plans to release them on Facebook very soon. This move will not only make them reach out to a bigger community of music lovers but also will attract brands who are sitting on Facebook.

Auditya Venkatesh
Image Courtesy: Facebook Page

If this was not enough to get you inspired and vouch more loudly for social media, then Audi’s story definitely will do. A very young guy, a man of pictures and less of words, has a Facebook page to himself - Audi Photography and a new-born blog. The Facebook page has more than 46, 000 fans and again a story of complete hard work with zero spend on any sort of ads. The page is a visual delight and the comments from fans speaks about their involvement within this community.  I spoke to Audi about his thoughts on social media and how has he nurtured it to get such a strong community.

[pullquote id=”lhipull” class=”center_pull”]I have always shared my work on Facebook and that has worked well for me. Facebook has spread the word for me and people are ready to talk to you when they see some good work. However, I think Facebook is not a good medium for photography which is the reason why I built a website and that’s one of the ways how I drive people from Facebook to my site too.[/pullquote]

Audi’s work is a delight and I think that it has clicked largely on Facebook. Apart from that Audi is quite active on social media even though he is traveling and busy with his schedule. He has recently started a blog in which he is sharing the immense knowledge he has mastered over the course of time.

I feel this is a great move from Audi where he is giving back to the community and there are so many people out there wanting to learn, discuss, etc. This will surely help him to grow his community and business. When I asked Audi how much business social media has brought him, he said,

[pullquote id=”lhipull” class=”center_pull”]Most of my business comes from Facebook, close to 95% percent. People see my work online and they connect to me.[/pullquote]

Now that is inspiring and restores our belief in social media. But as I have always believed that social media works effectively only if,

1. You have a good product or service, and

2. If you are clear with the objective, as in why you need to be on social media.

Since Auditya and Naveen fulfill both the above criteria, they are driving results from social media.

What do you think of the stories of Auditya and Naveen? Don’t they inspire you to use social media more effectively?