How Revlon India Leveraged Social Media To Gain Insights For A Product Launch

A look at how Revlon India introduced its new foundation product by leveraging the Facebook community to gain insights which were then tailored for its product launch campaign

Cosmetics brand Revlon India partnered with digital marketing agency VML Qais, the Indian arm of VML network in a unique drive leveraging social media to gain insight into the beauty habits of Indian woman. These insights were then incorporated into a campaign to engage directly and address the needs of the consumer.

What they did?

Over a 2-week period, VML Qais ran a series of polls on the Revlon India Facebook page, asking women questions in order to draw insights.  The polls were conducted to better understand the mindset of Indian women and their attitudes and habits towards foundation. Questions included: What is your skin type? What do you use to apply your make-up?  How much time do you spend applying make-up?

Revlon India Facebook poll

The responses of nearly 75,000 Indian women were collected via these polls, and the findings documented in a one of a kind infographic. Some interesting findings derived included: about 80% of Indian women use their fingers to apply foundation; 40% spend less than 15 minutes applying their make-up; and 80%  touch up their make-up only once a day.

These findings were then immediately used to tailor the campaign according to prevailing preferences, illustrating how Revlon’s ColorStay Whipped Crème was the perfect solution. The said infographic was also shared in a Facebook app ‘Makeup secrets revealed’ that when clicked on ‘Discover the secret’  takes you to  the introduction image of the new product - ‘Revlon ColorStay Whipped Crème’.

Beauty tips and content were created based upon the insights, for example, why the product is ideal for applying with one’s fingertips, in less than 15 minutes – and it will stay all day without needing to be retouched.

Leveraging social media

Almost all brands jump onto social media and get into the act of garnering ‘likes’ to boast of a large community, but very few manage to leverage that community. We see that products are being launched with much fanfare and buzz; fans are being given free samples and exclusive content. And a majority of them run contests to promote their new product. But we hardly come across an instance where the Facebook community was consulted about their specific needs and concerns, prior to the making of the product.

The Revlon India Facebook page with its 234K strong community has been put to good use with this online poll. Launching a product based on the community needs, certainly makes for a friendly opening in the consumer mind. Now that many brands have crossed a significant milestone in terms of Facebook ‘likes’, it is about time this community is reaped to bring in a sense of ‘belongingness’ and possible brand advocates.

Despite being impressed by the campaign, I have a little trouble in understanding why the campaign did not complete the sales cycle. The infographic hosted on the Facebook app takes you to the product image and that is it. Fans are left wondering about the price and where they can buy it. Though the Facebook posts have been providing the Revlon website link, there seems to be no link to an online store to buy the product.

A cool campaign for a product launch on Facebook nevertheless!