How Pluggdin Created A Buzz For UnPluggd On Twitter

by Vinaya Naidu on July 7, 2022

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The mecca of all things startup, Pluggdin, held its 5th flagship event, UnPluggd today in the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore. UnPluggd is undoubtedly India’s biggest startup event that serves as a common platform for everyone in the startup ecosystem - entrepreneurs, investors, angels and geeks and is on the Top Trending topics in Bangalore and slowly rising to make it to the top trends in India too. Here is a screenshot of the top trends:

India top trends

Bangalore top trends

UnPluggd has been creating a buzz on Twitter at least a week back, starting with a Twitter contest around the hashtag #VCSaid – “Tell us your favourite VC rejection line and win a pass to Unpluggd”. Well, what started as an experiment turned into a huge uproar with #VCSaid trending on Twitter. Everybody seemed to have a ‘Venture Capitalist’ story to share! Instead of the initially planned 5 winners, Pluggdin gave away 10 passes.

Overwhelmed by the response, Pluggdin planned another Twitter contest around the hashtag #Startupmistake where entrepreneurs could share their mistakes. This too trended in no time.

Later this week, Pluggdin brought in another Twitter contest around #Startupwish where entrepreneurs were encouraged to wish for something that could possibly build a better ecosystem for startups. This too has trended on Twitter.

Takeaways from Pluggdin’s trending Twitter campaigns

Impressed by the pace and manner in which all 3 hashtags have trended on their respective days, I tried to dig into the hashtags to find a magic formula but alas couldn’t find any! However, I did observe a few things though, that if implemented can actually work to create waves on Twitter.

The Twitter algorithm for trending topics identifies topics that are immediately popular, rather than topics that have been popular for a while or on a daily basis, so that the user can discover hot emerging topics of discussion. Besides, there are checks in place with which Twitter ensures rules are not abused.(1)

1. Keep it relevant: #VCSaid, #StartupMistake and #StartupWish trended on the sheer power of substance and ability to relate to the startup community. You cannot expect a hashtag comprising of inane tweets to make it to the top trends, on the basis of more reach and impressions alone. Here is what happened to Shopper’s Stop when it tried to create a buzz on Twitter with #SSTweetStore, purely with the intention to trend it.

2. Keep it fresh: When tweets have newer content in a common format, they are deemed to be naturally forming conversations as opposed to a uniform spam message. The concept and scope of the contest enabled fresh content in the tweets, bringing in natural conversations rather than canned ones.

3. Keep the format uniform: UnPluggd made it easy for tweeps as well as the Twitter engines by having a common format. For instance, this was the format for participation in #startupmistake: “” #startupmistake What happens with this is all tweets being tracked would have the same hashtag instead of splintered ones like #startupmistakes or truncated ones like #startmistake / #startup mistake / #strpmstk to accommodate within 140 characters.

Whether you have an event to promote or a new product to launch, or you want to create a pre-release buzz for your movie, you can always resort to Twitter. However, you need to understand the complexities behind Twitter trends and how the algorithm will always favour organic over artificial.

Have you created a buzz on Twitter? Do share the experience with us. 

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