How Oreo India’s Daily Dunks Are Being Lapped Up On Social Media

A look at Oreo India's Daily Dunks content strategy on Social Media, where daily events are recreated into an Oreo visual for connecting with fans

The 101-year old Oreo cookie that made its India debut as the world’s no. 1 biscuit in 2011, has embarked on a new journey on social media. The cookie brand from Cadbury is now bringing us ‘Daily Dunks’ on its social media networks. An extension from its hugely successful television advertising campaign around the ‘twist, lick, dunk’ catchphrase, Daily Dunks focus on the day’s most happening events to bring out a cleverly integrated message with the beloved Oreo, and share them on Facebook and Twitter.

These signature Oreo focussed content pieces – that are a rage in the US – have been around since this April beginning with the sixth season of Indian Premier League. (Source: AFAQS) And, fortunately for us, these creative concept pieces - that are often essentially Indian at the core - have been going strong since then. A visit to Oreo India’s Facebook page is a refreshing delight with Daily Dunks encouraging interaction with the 3 million+ strong fan base.

Daily Dunks - content with connect

Right from celebrating Doctors Day on July 1st to World Music Day, every visual shared has an interesting Oreo placed in it. Here are some adorable and some quintessentially Indian Daily Dunks that appealed to me:

“The king of blunders turns 30 this year”- Well, Suppandi is the extremely absent-minded servant featuring in Tinkle comics, the stupidity of whom always cost his master. For those of us born during the age of Tinkle comics, this one is sure to make you laugh. I didn’t know this comic character had a birthday too.

Oreo suppandi

“Sahib, Sindh and Sultan, the ancestors of the Indian Railways” - On 16 April 1853, the first passenger train service was inaugurated between Bori Bunder (Now renamed Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus), Mumbai and Thane. Covering a distance of 34 kilometres, it was hauled by three locomotives, Sahib, Sindh and Sultan. (Source: Wikipedia)

Oreo passenger train

“It’s a biscuit, it’s Oreo, it’s Superman”- The superhero movie Man of Steel gives us a steel Oreo on its India release last month. This one received 6.5K+ likes, 136 comments and 217 shares.

Oreo Man of steel

Are Daily Dunks working on fans?

Visual content is always loved on any social network and clever ones are lapped up and shared as well. Each of the Daily Dunks shared on Facebook have received a good amount of interaction in terms of shares, comments and likes. A June 6 update on the release of Tetris, a tile-matching puzzle video game, has garnered more than 30K likes, 537 comments and 468 shares!

As per social media benchmarking tool, Unmetric, Oreo India has seen a steep growth in fans for the period beginning from April 1st to July 4th. Oreo India added 788,137 fans in the 3 months of sharing Daily Dunks.

Besides, Oreo India had higher growth rate at 35.3% than the average Food/Beverage Facebook pages at 9.6%. And… Oreo India had more ‘people talking about’ them (3.8% of fans) than the average Food/Beverage Facebook pages (1.8%).


Oreo India is also sharing the Daily Dunks on Twitter using the hashtag #DailyDunks. The same content is also being shared on the micro-blogging network and has helped grow it too. As per Unmetric, Oreo India added 398 followers during the same period, bringing the handle’s follower count  to 457 at present.

Engaging with exclusive content

Daily Dunks can be paralleled to Amul’s cheeky topicals that portray the reigning scams or national moments of pride, while including the Amul cheese ‘Utterly Butterly Delicious’ line within the message. However, Daily Dunks are more frequent, perhaps daily, and present Oreo taking the centrestage in a creative graphic image. Daily Dunks are easy to consume, and also lend themselves for broader promotions - billboards and perhaps print on important national occasions.

While it is a challenge to create exclusive content so frequently, the endeavor will work in the brand’s favor, just as it has for Amul. Celebrating popular events with the Oreo twist is bound to grow on the community and create a bond with them. A long term vision backed by a strong content strategy is the way further for all brands on social media. Daily Dunks can be extended on to contests too, where fans can create their own smart representation around a contest theme.

Oreo is certainly building a stronger presence on social media. In fact, my local ice-cream shop ‘Shreeji’s Icecream’ has a new Oreo flavored ice cream with bits of the cookie thrown in, but I’m not sure whether he is aware of Daily Dunks.