The emergence of smartphones has changed the geography and history of how we utilize phones in this country. A once expensive Nokia Camera Phone priced around 20K is extinct and replaced by high end Android based models. Although Nokia has been a late entrant in to the domain of smartphones, the brand is trying to connect with the Indian audience with its new feature phones from ‘Asha’ range and Windows based ‘Lumia’.

Nokia India’s Presence on Facebook

The Facebook presence has been well carved out with each milestone and historics embedded neatly in the Nokia Facebook Timeline. A Company having a rich history as Nokia’s is very well documented on the official page itself. From campaigns of asking users to create their own applications to offers around starring a group of friends in the next Nokia commercial, Nokia is heavily targeting the youth for their new Lumia offerings to get some of that Android user base shifted to Nokia.

The Average Engagement Rate for the last 3 months for Nokia has been around 4.5% which is healthy enough for a brand having a fan base in millions. The Fan Growth Rate compliments the Engagement Rate with average growth of 1.6% new fans each week over the past 3 months.

Nokia Engagement Rate vs FGR

So the formula for Nokia seems pretty simple: Bring More engagement, Get More fans.

The engagement formula so far for the brand seems to be revolving around Lumia heavily. From the features of the new phone to applications, the brand is getting good conversation rates to the picture heavy updates of their new offerings around Asha and Lumia. The brands humorous takes on one of its own kind (Remember Nokia 3315?) is also well received by its fans and shows the willingness to add a bit of humor on itself rather than just self promotion.

When looking at the post level engagement of the Facebook page, the daily frequency of the posts is around 3 which showcases the brand page being really active with its content. While on the engagement front, the actions are ‘Like’ heavy with 90% of the engagement actions converted in to ‘Likes’ followed by Shares at 5.6%.

The maximum activity by the page is observed in the morning slot of 9 AM - 11PM. However, the maximum engagement is observed in the posts posted around 5 PM - 7 PM. This is expected as most of the people on Facebook post their day to day work activities and that’s when Nokia’s audience is to be online. The top 10 posts gaining the highest engagement are photo centric justifying Facebook being a more visually driven medium for Brands. The posts garnering maximum responses are trivia and a call to action related ones by Nokia along with their Campaign driven messages.

Avg Engagement by Time

The Trendify Campaign run by Nokia as an initiative to letting its users trend anything they think is worth sharing and getting viral. However, I found the site built by them to be below par giving the cringe worthy runtime errors when clicked on different categories. The same website is integrated as an application within the page and throws the same error every time. This coming from a multinational brand is not expected and should have been sorted out.

The Your Wish is My App application on Facebook is a well thought out campaign letting their fans participate and ideate on applications they think would be useful but don’t have the knowledge or resources to do so. The campaign lets the users brainstorm and vote for each other’s ideas hence involving a P2P conversation between each other and building a community. The ideas are pretty much sorted in to different genres to help us find a specific category only and the user interface is noteworthy too.

your wish my app nokia india

Twitter Presence

The Twitter campaigns are run in a different style by the brand having a follower base of more than 36,000 on the micro-blogging site. “Your Wish Is My App” was simultaneously run by the brand on Twitter with the hashtag #YourWishIsMyApp being very well participated by the Twitter audience. I have seen many brands post the same content of their Facebook pages to Twitter just for the sake of being present. Each Social Network is a different asset altogether and Nokia believing in the same is a good thing to see.

YouTube Presence

With the YouTube Channel receiving more than 13 Million Views till date, the channel is pretty much active and buzzing. The channel not only boasts of the TVCs which have received the maximum views amongst the overall lot but also help context videos related to Lumia. These videos educate the users about certain features of Lumia and is a great way for the brand to educate the users with the visual content themselves.

Google+ and Pinterest presence

The presence on these networks although secondary boasts of a decent fan following. The Google+ content though is the same as the one on Facebook, it is nice to see an Indian brand taking a keen interest on Pinterest. With more than 120 Followers on the picture bookmarking network, the brand is quite actively pinning content related to Lumia and Asha as well as campaign related pictures organized in different boards. The engagement however on these platforms is nothing to be boasted of with hardly any repins or likes coming on the pins. The Brand might have to cross promote content on Facebook and Twitter to get a more lively audience on Google+ and Pinterest which might set the actions rolling.

Competitor’s Watch

Samsung is the closest when it comes to the overall presence and campaign activity. HTC India and Micromax too are coming up and running on Facebook and Twitter. Nokia has been the late entry in smartphone era, but it surely has caught up with other competitors and I can safely say they are really doing a great job in executing it. It will be interesting to see how their new offering Lumia 920 is received by the audience.

So which mobile brand do you follow on Facebook?

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