How MTS India Built Up Change On Social Media With #ChangeIsNear

A look at how MTS India is using social media to reposition itself as a young, edgy brand with the 'Change is near' campaign


MTS India, one of India’s steadily growing telecom companies has been undergoing a transformation with its ‘Change is near’ campaign beginning this July. The telecom brand had caught our attention last July when it had roped in new-age digital celebrities –  the then 16-year old YouTube singing sensation, Shraddha Sharma and the most popular anonymous cricket blogger ‘Fake IPL Player’ (Anupam Mukerji) – to endorse its broadband services brand ‘MBlaze’.

That was a promising move by MTS India, one that not only helped the brand connect with the nation’s young and ambitious generation, but also reshape its image. Earlier this year, the brand ran a ‘#AskShraddha’ campaign that enabled fans to ask questions to their favourite young talent and Shraddha Sharma gave a video response to the best three questions.

Ringing in ‘Change is Near’ on social

This time around, MTS has taken a much more integrated route on social media for ‘Change is near’ with the help of digital agency Brandmovers. Powered with a microsite at its core, the brand is engaging with interesting custom made creatives on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, in continuation of its youth engagement.

Beginning July, The Facebook page of MTS India adorned a new look with a cover page announcing that change is near, sharing lyrics from singer Bob Dylan’s ‘The times they are a-changin’.

MTS Change is near FB

The page then shared minimalist posters representing key moments in history; moments representing “change” that have a lasting impact in the fields of music, films, comedy, sports, gaming and travel. Here’s a poster with a quote from the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali widely known for his superior boxing skills and fight for racial justice.

MTS Change is near FB1

And the change in personal computing history brought about by Apple. All updates have been hashtagged with #ChangeisNear.

MTS Change is near FB2

The other visuals involved the change from the humble walkman to the iPod, from radio to video and the many things that have changed the way we live, work and connect. Interestingly, in these two months over July and August, there have hardly been any updates about MTS offers barring a few.

#ChangeIsNear trends on Twitter

Twitter, the online global townsquare, hasn’t been left behind. The page with 3.7K followers saw simultaneous updates as the Facebook one, preparing Twitter followers for the nearing change. This was followed by involving them in the #ChangeIsNear conversation with the help of contests.

Users were asked to follow the brand and tweet the changes in the music industry with the hashtag #ChangeIsNear. There were iPods and Skullcandy headphones to be won. The hashtag trended within no time to find a spot in the top ten Twitter trends in India.

Connecting with the power of content

The use of social media for ‘Change is Near’ has been an impressive one. I particularly liked content sharing the moments in history that have changed the way we look at the world and associating it with the changes the brand is coming up with. Keeping its focus on customized content and well thought out visuals, the telecom brand has managed to prepare its online community for the nearing change.

Besides, the campaign has also leveraged the power of Twitter for maximized reach and visibility. Engaging and involving users for the #ChangeIsNear contest with trendy incentives thrown in will certainly appeal to the youth. The Facebook and Twitter promotions coupled with the microsite have set the stage for MTS on social media.

Fun, edgy and customized content targeted to the youth makes the campaign a memorable one. Do share your views.