How LinkedIn Groups Helped My Blog?

An article on how I got LinkedIn Groups to work for our blog

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As a blogger, I am sure that generating regular content is not the only challenge you would be facing. Sharing and making people aware of your content would be another mighty challenge. This applies for all kinds and all levels of bloggers. When I started blogging, like all others I also started sharing my content on Facebook first, followed by Twitter and LinkedIn. This was the case for the first three or four months and the result was that I was getting traffic from Facebook but there was negligible traffic from LinkedIn. Now it’s close to 18 months for our blog and LinkedIn drives the second most traffic from social media to our blog. Besides, I have got handful of leads from LinkedIn. So now you must be wondering what is the secret.

Producing rich content regularly and aligned to the objective was a default requirement but I also started using LinkedIn effectively. I harnessed the powers of LinkedIn Groups, which I consider as one of the powerful features that LinkedIn offers and the most engaging one to its users, and hence gained positive results. By the way, my tips are for newbie’s to the world of LinkedIn Groups.

LinkedIn Groups is a storehouse of massive professional groups managed by LinkedIn users. So as a LinkedIn user, you will find every group out there from jobs to engineering groups to digital groups to non-profit groups, for you to make the most from. At my end, I experimented a bit with LinkedIn groups and found that some strategies failed while some worked for me. These are shared below:

1. Joined like-minded LinkedIn Groups:

This is the first thing to start with but before you jump in or start, make sure what groups would be interesting to you and how would they be helpful to you. There is no point in sharing content related to social media in a manufacturing group. Might as well join a social media marketing group where the content will find more value. So choice of the LinkedIn groups is really important.

TIP: Make sure you join groups that you are capable of managing and monitoring. Start slow and scale big.

2. Watched and joined the conversations:

Once I joined the group, I watched what kind of conversations were happening for a while and later on I started adding value as and when required. I shared my thoughts rationally and only where I felt it might be helpful to the group members.

TIP: Don’t start talking from day one, just for the heck of it!

3. Shared my content:

This was the next step I started doing. I started sharing the content that I was generating on my blog regularly in the group. But initially, I did a mistake – I shared  everything on all LinkedIn groups. This was more or less considered as spam even if the content was aligned to the objective.

I did a quick change in my strategy. I visited all my groups and found out that I had joined Digital, Social Media and Blogging groups and some of them had a globally focused audience  too while I covered Indian social media mostly. So the revised strategy was – more focused sharing of content. For example, if the content was related to blogging then I made sure that I shared only in the blogging group and in the same way, if it was an insightful article regarding Facebook I made sure that I shared it in social media related groups that had a global audience. The results started showing in, people started talking to me and my activities were appreciated in quite a few LinkedIn groups.

4. Shared other interesting content:

Along with my content, I also made sure that I shared interesting content from other influential blogs I follow. This showed the group members that I was not in the group to share only my content but I was there to share good content. I followed the same strategy here that I have shared in the above point.

TIP: Don’t share random content just to show people that you believe in sharing content. And if possible, try adding your thought to the content that you have shared. People find it interesting and it works most of the time.

5. Finally monitored the group activities:

This is one of the important activities that I still do every month and I think it is similar to house cleaning which is really important. You need to find out groups that work for you and also the ones having zero activity. So such groups need to be discarded and time to look for more exciting groups.

TIP: Find out the groups that thought leaders and experts in your business follow or the suggestions that LinkedIn provides for groups. Find them, follow them and see if it works for you too.

These are some of the simple steps that I am following and making LinkedIn Groups work for my blog.

Do let me know if you use LinkedIn groups and if you have, do you know of any other cool way of making LinkedIn Groups work for my blog?