How Kitty Su Created Buzz For Steve Aoki Night [Facebook Case Study]

Facebook case study highlighting how the club 'Kitty Su' engaged with its fans to create a buzz for the Steve Aoki Night, with the help of digital agency, Internet Moguls.


Superstar DJ and producer Steve Aoki was on an India tour for the first time this October. The Steve Aoki night was hosted at Kitty Su, a premium night club at The LaLit. Here is the case study highlighting how the club engaged with its fans to create a buzz for the big event, with the help of digital agency, Internet Moguls.


Kitty Su, a premium night club known for its blowout parties wanted its Oct 6 Steve Aoki night to be the most talked about event of the month, converting the buzz created around the event directly into the sales revenue for the event.

Besides, Kitty Su also hoped to use the occasion for introducing itself as a brand name to a much wider audience, exporting people’s interest in music and nightlife, into increased virality on their Facebook page, thus creating a community of interested and committed music and night life lovers, who will identify themselves with the brand of Kitty Su, be active on their Facebook page, and will be their regular clientele.

The Solution:

An integrated campaign on Facebook that will provide users’ unique content on the upcoming event, and will drive them to watch videos, share information on their walls thus recruiting them as unpaid marketing agents, and share their feedback. Also to develop a community from these users’ for all future events,  updating them with any new information, and getting their feedback.

The Approach:

The ‘Steve Aoki night’ campaign got to a whopping start on 14th Sept, when Kitty Su’s  Facebook page was updated with a  cover photo of ‘Steve Aoki Night’ banner, and introduced its audience to a personalized video by Steve Aoki himself, where he talked about music and his upcoming shows in India.

Steve_Akoi_teaser_updates on Kitty Su FB

These posts were watched by more than 6000 people, got more than 60 likes, and quite a few comments within a few hours. The aim was not just to introduce the event, but also establish a one-to-one direct correspondence with the prospective audiences. The strategy worked and within a few hours people started updating their status, sharing the Steve Aoki video on their own walls.

Steve_Akoi_tickets_FB_updateTo make sure that the hype created in the market does not wane, the Facebook page was updated every day with new information on Aoki and included artist bio, music videos, media coverage of his past concerts, Twitter updates by Aoki himself, and much more.

A new addition to this was an application called Steve Aoki Playlist, placed on top of the Kitty Su Facebook page, where anyone can see music videos by Aoki and like them, share them, or comment on them.  The Aoki playlist got storming response from the young people,  and apart from introducing them to Aoki’s music,  it further increased the hype in the market.

Once a buzz was created in the market, individuals themselves started exploring new information about Aoki and posting his banners, music videos and new information about him on Facebook. Side by side , one team was tracking and analyzing coverage of the event in print media. The articles published in print media were shared on the Facebook page as well.

One click booking from the Facebook page itself ensured that by 25th September, hundreds of people were booking their tickets online, and this information was constantly updated on Facebook.

There were also many posts talking about Aoki’s enthusiasm about his coming India Tour, and many giving artist bio. These posts continued right up to the event day. Just a day prior to the event, Internet Moguls posted pictures showing Aoki being welcomed in Delhi, supporting a traditional Indian style turban. Such pictures gave the campaign a localized flavour.


The buzz reached its climax on the day of the event, and one of the last posts, just a few hours before the show got 193 likes. The event was followed afterwards as well, as the aim was to maintain a community of passionate music and night life lovers who will be viral on the Kitty Su page even after the event.

The Result

  • Over the course of the campaign, the agency posted 238 pictures, 10 banners of Aoki night, 3 news articles, and 10 videos of Aoki, apart from this the application of Aoki playlist.
  • These posts were viewed by 1,20,039 people, and liked by 1,140. The posts also got 67 comments and 145 people shared these posts on their walls.
  • The forceful campaign ensured that both Delhi and Mumbai were swamped by Aoki syndrome.  Both the shows got a huge response. The Delhi concert was attended by more than 2000 people.
  • Besides handsome sales revenue, Kitty Su was able to establish itself as a brand name in the market. During the course of the campaign, thousands of people were regularly landing on their Facebook page, and sharing their posts and videos on their own wall. Through this they learned not only about other events being organized by Kitty Su, they also helped in the third person marketing for Kitty Su, introducing them to a much wider audience.
  • Kitty Su’s Facebook page was also successful in carving out a community of regular followers, who visit their page regularly. The total reach of the Kitty Su Facebook page was highest during campaigning for Steve Aoki night from 17th September to 12th October 2012.

Kitty Su Facebook_reach

Kitty Su facebook_likes

Lessons learnt:

An unexpected discovery of the campaign was the realization of huge potential and enthusiasm among Delhi youth for such concerts. Most of the concerts are poorly attended because they are not properly advertised. Even those who spend a lot on advertisements tend to ignore social media. The success of Aoki night brings home the fact that a proper campaign on social media can pay back very handsome profits.

A dynamic campaign on Facebook that provides its users valuable information and unique content on the event/product/services, and also provides its users the option of networking within themselves can considerably increase engagement with the clients.

Successful campaigns on Facebook increases not only sales, but also have a positive impact on the brand name, and increases people’s awareness about the products and services it offers.

The Facebook page of a brand can also serve as a database and a vibrant hub to which consumers can be directed, and kept aware about its future plans, and news about new products and services. Such a page can also provide the brand important consumer feedback on its new product and services.

How did you like the Facebook efforts? Is there anything they have missed upon?