How JECRC University Created A Social Media Presence [Case Study]

A case study on how Jaipur based JECRC University used social media to create a strong online presence.

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A case study on how Jaipur based JECRC University used social media to create a strong online presence.

The Challenge

Located in Jaipur, Rajasthan, JECRC University is a part of JECRC Foundation education group. Being a brand new university in a city that is popular for many other established players like Amity University, Maharana Pratap University, NIMS University and Jaipur National University, and other well-known upcoming ones like Manipal University, Poornima University and VIT University, it was a challenge to build credibility. Potential students prefer to go to a college that is not only well established but also sounds promising in terms of campus, placements and pedagogy. Besides, social media is a place for fun which is very less related to what an educational institution is known for!

The Objective

JU along with the agency, Mercury Communication Design came up with three objectives to help target youth especially students in the age group 18-24 years:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Online brand building
  • Increase web presence

How they did it

Starting with a well-designed website, JU built a strong presence on social media. Facebook was accompanied by YouTube, Scribd, SlideShare, Twitter, Tumblr and others. A promising future as well as the lovely campus were the two main USP’s of the college and these were highlighted in all the social media channels. For some keywords, Tumblr blog results were higher in search engine ranks than the rank of JU’s official website.

As most of the people in the target group i.e. age group 18-24 years (especially students) are very active on Facebook, it was necessary to engage them with the brand effectively. JU’s Facebook page became a very good interactive platform for the students and others to get answers to their queries and discuss with other fellow students.

The quality of content created and posted on JU’s social media channels was high in terms of creativity and branding. Content was strictly aligned towards education and learning along with some fun factor. JU’s extraordinary campus in terms of architecture and facilities was showcased strategically. Such posts showed highest organic reach of more than 2100 to 10000.

And updates like these helped drive engagement:


Here is a video update on Facebook showcasing the making of the university:

Since JECRC Foundation has high standards of education and great environment in college campuses, a large number of satisfied students automatically  helped in ‘brand advocacy’. 90 % of the comments and post responses were positive which also helped in the online reputation management.

The Achievements

The first phase of Facebook ad campaign ran for approximately a month and from 400 likes the fan base rose to 5500, and in the second phase rose from 5500 likes to 11200.

JECRC FB update

  • More than 16 Posts showed a reach of 2100 plus (unique people who see our posts) on Facebook.
  • One post reached 10000 plus users and got 650 likes (out of 11000 fans).
  • 1.2 million plus post impressions (including 600 thousand plus viral impressions).
  • 24669 plus average weekly post impressions.
  • Maximum virality achieved on any post was 31%.
  • 3600 video views on YouTube and Vimeo.
  • 3929 PDF views on Scribd and Slideshare.
  • 6674 plus, on page responses on posts on Facebook by fans.

JECRC University has started on the right note on social media with maximum presence on Facebook and other social networks. However, the challenge for the university now is how they take it further and set themselves apart.