How Indian Ecommerce Should Use Pinterest?

An article that lists how Indian Ecommerce Should Use Pinterest


Some time back people were getting crazy to get their hands dirty on Google Plus, today they do it on Pinterest, an online pinboard. It is a fast world when it comes to social networks these days. Apart from that, you also see loads of media coverage and Blog posts sprouting around it and same has been the case with Pinterest. Which also indulged me to pin some cool pictures, infographics and blog posts. However one article that caught my eyes was a post on Techcrunch about “How brands can use Pinterest.” After reading the article and spending some time in understanding how the network works, I would rather say that Pinterest shows loads of potential for Indian Ecommerce portals.

etsy pinterest
Etsy Pinterest is cool

2011 was the Ecommerce year and I have a feeling that going further the Ecommerce industry would more or less focus on specific verticals. So sharing the niche items on Pinterest makes more sense. As we also know that Pinterest is one of the services that is using the Facebook open graph and hence gives more reasons to start pinning your products and making them look more beautiful rather than displaying on boring websites.

To start with, try these small steps that would be enough to create your presence on Pinterest.

1. Pinterest is an invite only network so if you don’t have one then leave your email id  in the comments section and I will invite you or you could get yourself invited here.

2. After you have created your account, make sure you decide how you would like to showcase your products. This is really important to start of even though you can edit your pins and boards later. Once you have thought of that, start creating your Boards. So for example if you are an Ecommerce portal that is selling shoes then you may love to create a board for ‘Ladies formals’ and display your exotic collection in them.

3. Start pinning your products on the boards to make it complete. So for example, your new board will have a collection of all the new ladies formals. A smart way would be pinning the products via ‘Add a Pin’; this will allow your products to link back to the main site if someone clicks on it.

4. While pinning if you fancy displaying the price on the picture then no harm and I think that helps more in making purchase decisions.

5. Once your board is created one smarter move would be integrating your Pinterest account within your Facebook brand page. This makes more sense for Indian Ecommerce sites as Facebook is the largest social network.  This will also spread the word among your existing fans. Along with this, you can add a Pinterest button with your Blog if you manage one.

6 Create a board for your fans where you can re-pin all the interesting ones that you think are cool and good to share with your community. How about running contests on this - the best pin gets a particular discount on a certain product.

7. Along with this, we all know social media is the best form to research on your products so how about doing it in the form of pins that you display. Give a sneak peak of your products to your customers and you can ask for feedback.

8. Finally it is also required to read the Pinterest guidelines as it might create problems for a brand in the long run if you are not aware what you are indulging into.

Now you would be wondering how many networks should I have along with a business to manage. There is no straight answer to this question. So if you have the bandwidth and ready to try something new then go ahead and start pinning the amazing collection that you have. Nothing is wrong in trying and seeing what works and what doesn’t.

One may also debate that you can display your products on the website, so why Pinterest. Well true but Pinterest is becoming more popular day by day as it is simple to pin things and easy to share with your community. So Pinterest might just help facilitate your product promotion.

And yes I really don’t want to be mean to other brands but I felt that Ecommerce portals have a better chance of driving traffic and gaining popularity. So will you pin or not?