How Indian Brands Are Performing On Facebook? (SocialBakers May Report)

A blog post on SocialBakers May Report that talks about How Are Indian Brands Performing on Facebook

SocialBakers are yet to release their exclusive report on Indian brands performance on Facebook for the month of May,2012. Barring a few surprises, the report remains similar to the report that was published in April, 2012. As a blogging partner with Social Bakers, we bring you the exclusive report:

Social Bakers Indian Social Media Report-May2012

My observations on the report:

1. Top 10 brands by number of fans list remains unchanged when compared with the April report. Tata Docomo remains as the top brand with more than 7 million fans followed by Kingfisher and Fastrack.

2. Even the list of top 10 media brands remain more or less unchanged with the exception of one. India- Jai Ho, a community page of brand India is the new entrant at position 7th in the list. One interesting thing to be noted in the list is that brand India features twice and both the pages are for community awareness about India as a country. 

3. Avon India is the latest entry in the list of top 10 brands by average engagement rate and it is also the leading brand in the list. Along with Avon India brands like Ford India, Garnier Light India, Royal Enfield, etc. are some of the other brands who are driving excellent average engagement rates. Another noticeable thing is that Avon India drives 0.82% average engagement which is far greater than that of BMW which was driving only 0.33% in the month of April.

4. It is not surprising to see that Avon India is also the leading brand in the list of top 10 brands that are driving daily engagement. Besides Avon India, brands like Masoom Pears, VIP Bags, L’OrealParisIndia, etc. are also driving excellent daily engagement on their Facebook page. Another noticeable brand that has featured in the list is HDFC Bank and it’s good to see a bank driving commendable engagement on Facebook. However, the situation remains the same for the brands who have bigger fan counts as they fail to feature in the average engagement list or the daily engagement list. It makes me wonder whether engagement with fans is not one of the mottos for bigger brands such as Tata Docomo, Kingfisher, Fastrack, etc.

5. HDFC Bank drives 72% response rate on Facebook and that makes it as the leading brand in the list of top 10 brands based on their response time. Kerastase India that also features in the top 10 list of brands by average engagement rate is having 67% response time followed by brands such as Maruti True Value, Sensational Maybelline, etc. In addition to these brands, it is good to see brands like Dell India and Lenovo India featuring in the list.

Do share your thoughts on the report that is yet to be published by SocialBakers.