How Indian Brands Are Performing On Facebook? (SocialBakers June Report)

A blog post on SocialBakers June Report about the performance of Indian brands on Facebook


SocialBakers, the social media analytics company is yet to publish their social media report of the Facebook brand pages in India for the month of June. As media partners from India, we are glad to bring you this exclusive report along with insights.

social bakers june facebook brand pages report for india

What does the report say?

1. From 46 million in May, the Facebook users in India has now touched 50 million. This should bring a smile on the face of marketers and social media agencies in India. However, it remains unknown how many of them are active regularly and what percentage of time they spend on Facebook.

2. The top 10 brands by number of fans have remained more or less the same for the last few months. There is no new entrant in the list and Tata Docomo still is miles ahead with a fan following of 8.5 million, compared to the remaining 9 brands.

3. The story remains exactly similar for top 10 media brands by number of fans. Barring the change in the numbers of individual media pages, the list remains same with the Facebook page, India ranking at the top.

4. The top 10 brands by average engagement rate has some new entries in the lists. Caprese, the Italian brand tops the list by driving the maximum average engagement rate for the month of June. Other names are L’oreal Paris India, Royal Enfield, Avon India, etc.

5. OLX India, which was at the bottom of the list for the month of May, is leading at the top for the month of June in the daily page engagement rate. Ariel India is the new face in the list and no surprises that the top 10 brands are missing from the list. For that matter, the top 10 brands on Facebook have never been the best engagers on Facebook with fans.

6. Recently, SocialBakers was in the news as it had launched a new set of analysis to find out how socially devoted are brands on Facebook. The new set of analysis looked into how open are you with your fans by keeping the Facebook wall open. Other factors that are considered are how well you respond to questions and what is the response time to the queries made by fans. Top 5 socially devoted brands analysis is the result of that and Airtel India has the quickest response rate on Facebook. Previously, we had done a study using Unmetric and had found that Airtel is the quickest to respond queries on Twitter too, when compared with other telecom brands in India.

Along with Airtel, the other socially devoted brands are Flipkart, Vodafone India, Nokia India and Samsung Mobile India. Airtel and Flipkart are already known brands for their active response on social media but it’s good to see brands such as Vodafone India, Nokia India, etc. to show up in the list.

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