How Indian Brands Are Performing On Facebook? (SocialBakers April Report)

A blog post on SocialBakers April Report that talks about How Are Indian Brands Performing on Facebook

social bakers indian facebook pages report

Last month SocialBakers, the social media analytics company released it’s quarterly report, which focused on how Indian brands were performing on Facebook. India holds third position currently in terms of number of Facebook users, following US and Brazil in the first and second place respectively. Businesses in India understand what this means to them. Not only are they creating exciting campaigns to leverage these massive numbers but also striving hard to build a community.  The Q1 report of SocialBakers focused on parameters such as listing top ten brands by fan strength, average engagement rate, daily page engagement rate and response time on Facebook. Click here if you have missed to check out the Q1 report.

SocialBakers has come up with a similar kind of report for the month of April (April 1,2022 to April 30,2022) and Lighthouse Insights is amongst the few who have received this report before it is published. As a blogger partner, we have the privilege to share the April report as embedded below.

social bakers facebook report for April2012
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My thoughts on the report:

1. Top 10 Brands By Number Of Fans data remains the same when compared to the Q1 report. Tata Docomo leads the chart but Kingfisher has jumped one position and is second after beating Fastrack. This move was quite evident and was also highlighted when I did an extensive study on how the top 5 brands are performing on Facebook.

2. Similar story is with the Top 10 Media By Number Of Fans. MTV India leads the chart and rest of the brands hold the same position when compared to Q1 report. However, Movies Now has jumped from the tenth position to ninth pushing Bindass to the bottom.

3. Top 10 Brands By Average Engagement Rate has many new additions to its list with BMW India, HTC India, Masoom Pears ranking at the top three respectively.  The bottom five of the list has been captured by the auto and bike industry. Brands like Maruti Suzuki Swift, Mini India, Tata Nano, Royal Enfield, etc. are the few names that cover up the bottom five with engagement rate’s ranging from 0.26% to 0.21%.  However, I am not much surprised to see none of the top 10 brands or media by number of fans, featuring in the list. The condition was same in Q1 too. I believe these major brands with huge fan base are either not bothered or simply not able to drive engagement. Building a fan base and building a community are two different things and brands should consider this for a discussion with their respective agencies.

4. Top 10 Brands by Daily Page Engagement Rate also highlights some interesting brand names that don’t have a huge community but are taking engagement amongst their fans bit seriously. Sensational Maybelline which was at the 7th position in the last Q1 report with 0.77% has pulled itself impressively and increased its engagement rate to 2.34%.

PlayUp Cricket is the only brand, which not only features in the Top 10 Brands By Number of Fans list but also has great daily page engagement. PlayUp Cricket, which had 1.00% in the last quarter, has improved it to 2.28% and is placed in the second position. With the ongoing IPL season, I am sure that PlayUp Cricket would be interested in increasing the engagement bar. Masoom Pears, which was holding the top position last quarter, has now moved below and is placed at the third position with 1.42%. Apart from them, we have some new entries to the list such as Fortune Plus, eBay India and Mini India to name a few.

5. Top 10 Brands By Response Rate is another set of analysis that SocialBakers provides. Vichy India holds the top position by pushing The Body Shop India to second position. Other brands such as Sensational Maybelline, Café Coffee Day, etc. have moved up and along with them there are some new faces like Garnier Pure Active, Inkfruit, Reliance Mobile, etc. A good metrics to be followed by those brands which consider Facebook as a customer support tool. Would love more ecommerce brands to feature in the list.

Do share your thoughts and insights on the report that is yet to be published by SocialBakers. Besides this, I would be doing some more study on selective brands as I have done earlier.