How Hopsim Is Using LinkedIn Company Pages

How Hopsim using LinkedIn Company Pages

Hopsim, a global provider of prepaid SIM cards and services has an efficient company page on LinkedIn. The company page talks about the company and it’s products and promotions. Although company pages are not so interactive like Facebook fan pages, Hari Krishnan, Country Manager,LinkedIn India  is positive that LinkedIn Company pages are going to help Indian businesses. For SME’s and businesses who want to reach out to their customers, company pages should be incorporated and Hopsim stands as a guide.

LinkedIn Company Page

Overview: The introduction and the company details are enough to make one aware of the companies’ vision and services. The other details such as website, etc. are right there if one needs them.

Hopsim Overview

Product and Services: Hopsim has used this section really well that shows on its banner. Banners do provide a bit of visual delight for a company and attracts customers too.

Hopism Banner

Hopsim has listed all it’s products in this section. This serves two purposes, firstly  the LinkedIn user knows what all the products Hopsim is offering and secondly the recommendation section which would help in customer’s buying decision.

Products and Promotions

Promotions is a section that is smartly broadcasted and this would help customers in smart purchase. This is similar to hot deals available for a product and brand must not forget to include it.

Along with the existing efforts, we would be glad to see Hopsim incorporating the below tips.


  1. How about integrating the blog and Twitter in the company page? The Twitter integration provides a bit of engagement as you can like or comment on it.
  2. Video’s could add some limelight to the existing company page.
  3. Hopsim could add ‘Careers’ section and display the present opportunities. This will allow people to reach out and they could be your prospective employees.

Hopsim which has a base of 11-50 employees on its company page is a real example for all those SME’s who are thinking how to reach out to people and customers on LinkedIn.

Do you use it for your business? if so then how?