How Have Indian Brands Adopted The New Facebook Brand Page?

An article that talks about the top 100 Indian brands adopting the new Facebook brand page

Another article on Facebook brand pages!  So now you must be aware that I am in awe of the Facebook brand page with timeline. There are some amazing things that I had shared recently about the new Facebook brand pages but along with that don’t you think your pictures deserve better visuals.

Going by the madness in the west – the way brands were ready for the change and were quick to adopt it, I was excited to see what Indian brands will offer to fans. But believe me, I was disappointed to see that except few brands others have not bothered to upgrade it yet. You may debate that it is just a few days but then we all were aware that Facebook is going to make use of 29th February and most of them are run by competent social media or digital agencies. So in that case, shouldn’t they have been prepared a week ahead for this change?

I have studied 100 top Indian brands on Facebook that have been ranked by Social Bakers and thought of listing those brands, which have adopted the change and tried to be ahead on the curve.

1. Tata Docomo: The top brand in India according to Social Bakers have adopted the change but not that impressive.  It looks more like an offline banner ad so unless you are a Ranbir Kapoor fan, this does not work.

tata docomo facebook
Tata Docomo

2. Kingfisher: One of the only Indian airline brand that has adopted the new change in a cool way. The cover page is worth a look along with the display picture. Though it still needs to work on the apps but then I think with time they will do it.

Kingfisher Facebook

3. Fastrack: Another brand, which by all means is really bold, has done it in style. People may debate that it is cheap but then it believes in what it stands for.

fastrack facebook

4. Bacardi Mixxxology: Not only does Bacardi have a lovely cover page but it is using the timeline feature much better than others. If you really want to check out the timeline feature as to how it works then have a look at Burberry. Wouldn’t it be great for my favorite brand to tell me how it was when it was born or what happened afterwards, that’s what timeline is for!

bacardi facebook

5. Inkfruit:  Although this youth brand which is into clothing and apparels has a simple cover page, the message is quite clear.

inkfruit facebook

6. Axe Angels Club: Even though AXE has upgraded to the new feature but then I have no clue what the cover page is all about. One can say its creativity but for me it’s thumbs down effort.

Axe Angels Club
Axe Angels Club

7. Shoppers Stop: The cover page has more of a chick look but fails to use the timeline feature. Doesn’t Shopper’s Stop have a proud history to share?

shoppers stop
Shoppers Stop

8. Coke Studio MTV: The concept of the cover page is cool but couldn’t they afford a high-resolution image. One interesting thing to observe here is that this is the only Facebook page of MTV, which has upgraded to the new look. MTV Roadies and MTV India is still to wake up.

Coke Studio at MTV
Coke Studio @ MTV

These are the only 8 Facebook pages out of the top 100 that have upgraded to the new look.  Rest the likes of Vodafone, Pepsi India, Idea, Bingo, Playup, PizzaHut India, Nokia India, Reebok India, Café Coffee Day, Know Your Neighbors- Nescafe, Cadbury Celebrations and the list is too long, have yet to wake up!

The Facebook pages were launched on 29th Feb and today is 2nd March and we haven’t seen most of the brands upgrading it. Well that clearly shows that they were not prepared. Besides, even the ones who have upgraded it haven’t done much with the timeline feature. I think Indian brands were not at all prepared and must have done it in the eleventh hour.

Do visit these pages and see for yourselves. And do let me know what is your favorite brand that has upgraded well to  the new Facebook page.

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