How Gul Panag Uses Her Twitter Influence For Social Cause

How Gul Panag Uses Her Twitter Influence For Social Cause


140 characters have a new definition for everyone. From casual users, brands to celebrities, everyone is using Twitter differently. For celebrities Twitter is their unpaid online PR agency. Indian celebrities are not behind from sharing news about their movies, their hair style, inside gossips, etc. and making sure that fans don’t forget them at least on Twitter. But Gul Panag is doing things differently, an engagement which is more than PR blahss and pink muhaass.

Gul Panag neither needs an introduction nor would we dare to rate her acting skills. We will leave that for our dear critics. Along with an amazing offline success, Gul is a Twitter diva too and scores to be an influential Indian personality. Counting on her influence on Twitter and blending that with her social work, she has initiated a signature campaign to bring the famous band U2 to India. The campaign has received great response from her Twitter community and has been presented to the U2 Management in Toronto, Canada, on July 11. All these efforts undertaken for the campaign is for creating awareness for Social Outreach Accreditation Programme (SOAP) as said by Gul.

“All this effort is to create awareness of SOAP,” and she also adds that,”“I strongly feel that social equality will be a reality in India only when the privileged help the underprivileged. If things continue in India the way they are, there can be civil unrest like in many African countries”

The message has got great response from her Twitter community and even for the smart model she has devised for social work. Rather than earning cash, volunteers will earn credits. We believe that the unique model is surely going to strike some chords with youngsters and the working class after she explained,

“You gain credit points for volunteering, and then the corporate collaborating with us gives you extra weightage during job interviews and appraisals,” she says.

Gul has surely shown us and the businesses a unique usage of Twitter. However, the success of this campaign should also be attributed to the  active and amazing continuous engagement she has had with her fans. And people using Twitter surely need to take a leaf from her Twitter engagement model as she explains the secret of it.

“Not with quantity, but quality. I talk to people, not at them — with hellos and I love you.”

Hopefully celebrities and brands can take some time out to read and consider Twitter as an engagement model rather than a PR model. Three Cheers, Gul Panag you deserve to be crowned as the Indian Twitter Celebrity: D

Source: Indian Express