How Good Is iElect, TCS Mobile App For Real Time Twitter Insights On Indian Elections

App review of TCS Mobile App iElect which provides real time Twitter insights for all the activities by political parties and their leaders on Twitter

The 16th Lok Sabha Elections are going on in the country. While the political parties have been busy with their election mandate and convincing voters, brands and social networks are also minting from the elections. We have already reported how Twitter, Facebook and Google are using their platform to provide a common ground for political leaders and voters. Seeing this ongoing trend, India’s software giant Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has launched a mobile app called iElect.

The beta app currently available on Android is an effort to tap real time Twitter insights and sentiments on politicians and their political parties. Known for being a conversation network, Twitter has specially attracted Indian politicians to express their views and create controversies as well. With the election mood on, I was tempted to give the app a try.

Twitter Trending

It takes a while to setup before starting after you have downloaded it from the Google app store. While you wait the app provides some interesting facts about the ongoing elections in the country. The launch screen of the app is Twitter Trending section which is subdivided into Candidates and Parties. The visual screen shows who is trending on Twitter based on their activities. The below screen grab gives you a quick look of the appealing visuals of your favourite parties and leaders.

iElect App Candidates

If you tap on any of the candidates you get further insights on the Tone of Voice related to the candidate and the parties. I tapped on the creator of Aam Aadmi Party - Arvind Kejriwal who is trending at the second place right after BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi.

Arvind Kejriwal AAP Twitter

As seen above the iElect app shows Arvind having 65% of positive tone of voice on Twitter followed by 29% of neutral voices. If you tap further on the pie chart, the app pulls out three data sets that tell you which are the stats Arvind is popular at, followed by issues mentioned along with the tone of the voice. For example 58% tweets refer Arvind with the quality of Adarsh or principles. The third set of data shows the celebrities who have been mentioned with Arvind. Rajdeep leads the race with 73% of mentions. The below screen grab gives you a quick look of all the three data sets.

iElect App Arvind Kejriwal

Tone of Voice section has further two sections – Sentiment Trend and Activity Trend. Sentiment Trend pulls out positive and negative sentiments based on today, last three days and a week. The section allows you comparative analysis; I added Modi and Rahul along with Arvind. The below screen grab shows you positive comparative sentiment graph for a week. Similar feature of comparative analysis is possible with Digital Activity Trend.

iElect App Sentiment Analysis

My Parliament and Manifesto

The next exciting section is My Parliament that allows you to use your political skills and predict political parties’ seat in the upcoming elections. The visually appealing screen is a small game where you are given a list of parties and you need to predict the seats they could win and eventually form the next government. Once done you can share your prediction with your friends and family.

My Manifesto is an existing list of issues added in the section; you can add your manifesto ideas and share with your friends. With political parties having already released their manifesto, this feature makes no sense now.

iElect App MyParliament

Other sections

Apart from the above mentioned sections, the app has sections like Viral Tweets, Celebrity Tweets, Twitter Trending Topics and Twitter Tag Cloud. All these features are self-explanatory and don’t provide interesting insights like Twitter Trending section does.

For example Viral Tweets lists all tweets that have got amazing retweets but you can’t perform any action on them. It would have been great if one could retweet further or click on the profile to be followed on Twitter. Same is the case with Celebrity Tweets; you can’t do much with the  provided data. Twitter Trending Topics and Tag Cloud list data in the same way; you can’t dig further into them. For instance I would have loved to find all the tweets in a particular trend, like it is possible on Twitter or even showcase the sentiments related to the trends.

How good is iElect app?

In one word iElect app is amazing!

The app is a delight for a user like me who craves for neat design, zero glitches and visually appealing insights. The team behind the app needs a round of applause for the appealing design and the way Twitter data has been showcased. The challenge for a mobile app is always to show relevant data without the user breaking his head on how to navigate the app.

Twitter Trending section is the most intuitive section of the app. Twitter insights that have been displayed are quite appealing. Making sense of data and portraying it visually with minimum effort are the scoring points of the app.

The only drawback I can find right now is that after spending considerable time on Twitter Trending section, I was disappointed to see that similar insights were not included in other features like Viral Tweets, Celebrity Tweets, Twitter Trending Topics and Twitter Tag Cloud. The app can really become a killer one, if it brings the same level of insights on all sections. Will TCS partner with Twitter India going further?

I wish the app was launched prior to the start of the elections. Nevertheless, this is an app that shouldn’t be missed and considering this to be the first version, iElect app really scores maximum points from my end.