How Effectively Is McDonalds India Engaging On Facebook

An article on How Effective Is McDonald India’s Engagement on Facebook with a comparison of KFC India

McDonalds India recently celebrated its 200K mark with its fans on Facebook. The brand, with more than 200K fans now, made sure that they had fun while celebrating it. It ran a contest to mark this occasion where fans had to express the reason of liking the brand. We thought it would be a great moment to access the brands performance on Facebook.

Product used for analysis: Unmetric, social media brand monitoring product.

Duration: Last month (05/01/2022 to 05/31/12)

Fan Growth: 

MC DONALD India  Facebook
Fan Growth
  • As you can see McDonalds India has grown in leaps and bounds and it has a higher growth rate in it’s sector.
  • Even though the people talking to the brand has dipped but it again has a higher percentage of people talking compared to its sector. (As per April data, the engagement level from 26 to 29th April had shot up with the SpiceFest contest). As I run the test for June, the engagement levels have risen again due to the 200K celebrations.
  • And attracts 59% of fans who are below 21 years which is also the maximum, followed by 38% fans who range between 21-30 years.


MCDonald India Postology
Content Types

The engagement that McDonalds India is driving from it’s content is not bad. However the brand should restrict itself from posting too much of content relating to the brand. This can be clearly seen in the above image where the brand has drawn less percentage of engagement compared to the content that was shared.

Nevertheless, the brand has got visible increased levels of engagement when the content has been with regards to general happenings. After all that is what people perceive about the brand and to know more about what kind of content the brand is sharing,   see the below image.

McDonald Engagment posts
Engagement Posts

TIP: Concentrate on content related to “About General Happenings” like sports, current affairs, etc. which will surely drive merit to the brand.


To evaluate the engagement of McDonalds India, I did a comparative analysis with one of its competitors, KFC India for the month of May.

MC Donald India Fan growth
Fan Growth Comparison

KFC India in the month of May, had far reaching numbers adding 92,350 new fans and also had a higher growth rate close to 10%. On the other hand McDonalds India added only 8,026 fans and had just a 4% increase of fans. Ideally, brands with more percentage of fans have less growth but KFC India seems to be an exception in this scenario. However, McDonalds India achieved 8 percent of conversations whereas KFC India could drive only 5 percent.

Engagement levels of KFC India were much better when compared to McDonalds India.  KFC India derived 71 percentage of engagement whereas McDonalds India could only drive 54 percentage. The below image says it all.

MCDonald engagement
Engagement Comparison

Definitely McDonalds India has a long way to go if it would like to beat KFC India on Facebook. Saying that McDonalds India has shown good growth and according to Unmetric it has shown higher growth rate in it’s sector. So would wish McDonalds India to do more brain storming on how well can they increase the engagement levels. In fact with the recent changes made by Facebook to brand pages, it has become easier to target fans in a much more better fashion.

Are you impressed by McDonalds India social media strategy on Facebook and what advice you would like to give it for better performance?