How Effective Is Pizza Hut India’s New Facebook Campaign?

How Effective Is Pizza Hut India's New Facebook Campaign?

Good content is a must but if you have to stay beaming in the market, you need to evolve and keep it exciting. This rule applies to all marketers and Pizza Hut India just did that. Pizza Hut India is changing it’s brand image of being a place for pizza’s to a place of amazing skewers, mojitos, pastas with the regular lovely pizza’s. The makeover of changing it’s ‘vintage’ look to a ‘new age’ image was done by launching a new Facebook campaign for it’s community.

The Campaign on FB


Pizza Hut launched a new exclusive ad for this event and it also re-branded it’s Facebook page. The video which apparently got a thousand plus votes and generated more than eighty comments will surely boast that it has been a massive hit. However, Wavemetrix thinks that the campiagn despite creating a healthy response failed to create a discussion about whether consumers prefer the ‘new age’ or ‘vintage’ styles. The below pie-chart shared by Wavemetrix describes it better.



Added to this Wavemetrix says that the new Facebook ad campaign generated a very small percentage of discussion from fans about the brand image shift. Generally the discussions that evolved were with regards to their love for Pizza Hut as a brand. This very well suggests that fans were unwilling to share their reactions against the brand’s new image as seen in another chart too.



Considering the facts are true, this kind of analysis should be done by brands when they are trying to  find how engaging a particular campaign was. Mere likes and updates shoudn’t be the benchmark for defining the success of a social media campaign. The idea should be to find out what the talks are about and how focussed are they towards the objective of a social media campaign. In Pizza Huts case, the campaign did generate a postive reaction for the brand but the brand makeover campaign failed. Hopefully we would find brands measuring their social media engagement success in such pattern as done by Wavemetrix rather than boasting about mere ‘Likes’, ‘Views’ and ‘Comments’ count.

Source: Wavemetrix