How brands engaged beer lovers on International Beer Day 2016

Curated list of visuals and gifs by Indian brands celebrating International Beer Day in their unique brand tone, while looking to build engagement

They say beauty is in the eyes of the beer holder, and if you are a beer buff, you would most certainly agree. Back in 2007, a couple of beer aficionados felt this beauty needed a tribute, hence the duo conceived a day – the International Beer Day (IBD) on August 5, dedicated to all things beer. They convinced their local bar to celebrate it, made a little website for it and offered their gratitude to beer makers. Little did they know that they had started a fire.

Beer enthusiasts from all over the world began joining in the celebrations in their local bars and breweries and what we now have is a worldwide celebration spanning 207 cities, 50 countries and 6 continents!

IBD has a declared purpose: to bring the world together under the banner of beer, while celebrating beers from all over the world, and brewers who make them. Beer folks can pitch in with their ideas too, one of which is shifting the day to the first Friday of August. So IBD is always on a Friday!

Beer brands had a gala time engaging their beer-loving community the Friday gone by. Businesses in the space of food and relationships also took on the cue. We bring you here, a curated list of visuals and gifs by Indian brands celebrating International Beer Day in their unique brand tone, while looking to build engagement.


This is one beer brand that always believes in gratifying its community of beer lovers. Kingfisher invited its fans to wish beer using a witty caption in a selfie or a video for a chance to win brand merchandise.


Faasos never fails to keep it witty. Everything is witty about this content: the tweet caption, the free product name and its code!


The online bazaar wants you to let loose this Friday. Maybe it also sells designer beer glasses.

Budweiser India

The beer brand is all about getting youngsters to connect with its age-old legacy in new campaign ‘Brewed the hard way’. International Beer Day just fit the bill!


The dating app shows you very important reasons to ask someone out for beer!

Dineout India

The table reservation app shows you the right way to serve beer.


The food app keeps it simple.

WOW Events

The event company rolls out a simple yet interesting cinemagraph.

Teetotalers like me or only-vodka folks may not be included in this celebration, but it is just another Friday for beer lovers everywhere. And beer brands cannot afford to miss this one, as quite a few have this year. Last year, we saw much more participation from Indian brands celebrating International Beer Day with appealing visual content. Back in 2013, it was huge. Kingfisher had launched a Twitter campaign called the #DearBeerGod where fans needed to pray to the Beer God for their city to win Beer on International Beer Day. Hoping the chill stays put in the coming years. Cheers!