How Brands Are Building Social Media Platforms Targeting Parents

A look at how brands are building social media platforms for parents and children, grooming them well in advance, while also cleverly strengthening their brand proposition

Social media is being increasingly used to ‘humanise’ brands and help consumers in connecting with their products. Brands are often pushing messages to parents via their children or directly talking to children who in turn manage to persuade their parents. While toy makers and clothing companies that target children have been cultivating brand recognition in them for years, we are now witnessing financial businesses such as banks and insurance providers also include children in their brand promotions, particularly on social media channels.

Appreciated for its ability to provide two-way communications, social media is being leveraged to build communities catering to target consumers. Here, we see ways in which a biscuit manufacturer, an insurance provider and a financial services provider are building social media platforms targeted at better parenting, while cleverly strengthening their brand positioning.

Parle G – In search of the future genius

Beginning this year, Parle G - the glucose biscuit from the 75 year old largest-selling biscuit giants ‘Parle Products’  - has embarked on building an online platform in search of the future genius. Based on the philosophy to let children explore their curiosity, parents are being groomed via social media. The campaign sought to drive parents to ‘The future genius’ website, beginning with pre-launch teasers on the social media networks of Parle G. To create buzz on Twitter, parents were encouraged to share the imaginative questions asked by their children using the hashtag #BeCurious, with incentives like iPhones and iPads.


Broadly categorised into four sections - ‘My kid is a genius’ where parents can share their child’s talents, ‘Genius Gyan’ that provides expert advice for parents to help discover the genius in their child, ‘Parents quotient’ a learning and discussion forum for parents, and ‘Diary of a genius’ where one can read a daily diary maintained by a child – the future genius has kept it simple yet relevant.

An extension from its earlier ‘G mane Genius’ campaign, the Future Genius platform seems to be on a long term mission to bond better with the next generation of social savvy parents and children.

Aviva Life Insurance – Padding up with Sachin

Aviva Life Insurance, the insurance providers formed by two of the oldest companies in the world – Aviva and Dabur is using its social media platforms to groom parents. Having roped in Sachin Tendulkar,  the world’s best cricketer as the face of the brand, Aviva uses a combination of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter majorly to inculcate the importance of right parenting and protection.

Beginning with ‘Padding up with Sachin’ as a Facebook contest, the brand has also focused on relevant content creation for each of its social networks. The first edition of ‘Padding up with Sachin’ featured video tutorials where Sachin taught some of the batting styles like Straight Drive, Stance, etc. In addition, Sachin also shared about his family – particularly his children and about the importance of protection in cricket. incentives included Sachin-signed merchandise and biography. Padding_up_with_Sachin

The latest edition of padding up with Sachin is a contest about his life and career. On Father’s Day last month, Aviva  had conducted a ‘Daddy’s Day delight’ Facebook contest inviting fathers to share pictures of their children in pre-designed album templates. The grand prize was a playstation among weekly prizes of movie tickets. Besides, the content shared on the Facebook wall is well-thought of, exclusive and focused to the brand’s objective. With visually appealing and adorable cartoons, Aviva has brought home the message of smart parenting.

Aviva India is creating content that is strongly focused around the father-child bond, thereby building and gaining trust among its target consumers.

Tata Capital - Karein wahi jo ho sahi (Do Right)

Tata Capital, the financial services provider from the Tata Group launched the ‘Do Right’ campaign targeting parents and encouraging children to take the right decisions in life. As an extension of its brand proposition “We only do what’s right for you”, the campaign seeks to leverage its social media platforms to push the ‘do right’ message. A dedicated website serves as a platform for all the activities of Do Right, while social media channels like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are being used to increase visibility.


The brand has roped in legendary names from the industry to endorse their message. A signature song penned by Gulzar with music composed by  the trio Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy forms the backdrop of the campaign, playing on televisions and the digital world. Respected Sarod player, Amjad Ali Khan has also composed a song along with his talented sons, Amaan and Ayaan Ali. On Father’s Day, former Badminton player Prakash Padukone shared his thoughts on doing right.

In addition, the brand is also running a Facebook contest ‘Kids know best’ where parents have been invited to share their children’s video responses about the importance of values like truth, honesty and sharing. The winning entry gets a scholarship of Rs. 50K to help fulfill their dream. Content on the Facebook walls of both the Do right page and Tata Capital page is centered around the campaign, driving parents to the dedicated website. The website also features a ‘Do righters’ blog with real life stories of people doing the right thing.

With ‘Do right’, Tata Capital is not only building a community of conscientious parents and children, it is also strengthening its brand positioning around only doing right for its clients.

Parents form an important demographic for marketers and so building dedicated social media platforms for them is a sensible thing to do, instead of hosting individual campaigns on and off. In addition to building trust and brand loyalty amongst parents, these platforms also help groom their children well in advance. Brands are catching them young!