How BMW India Creates Social Media Buzz For The Dynamic BMW Series 1

A review of BMW India's social media campaign for the soon-to-be-launched luxury hatchback Dynamic BMW Series 1


Automakers are gearing up for the festive season in India. With new models in the pipeline, consumers are being bombarded with its features and better driving, through exciting campaigns both online and offline. For the soon-to-come Dynamic BMW 1 Series designed to give driving a new meaning, BMW – recently ranked by Forbes as the world’s most powerful car brand - has launched an integrated campaign on social media and also on ground.

Experience the Dynamic 1

BMW India ran a 15-day campaign ‘Experience the Dynamic 1’ to be able to experience the BMW brand at Germany. One had to answer some questions, following a registration process at the dedicated website for Dynamic1.

10 lucky winners chosen from the contest were given the chance to go on an all expenses paid trip to Germany including an exclusive guided tour to BMW Welt and BMW Museum in Munich. But, the best part is the privilege to be amongst the first to drive the BMW Series 1 along with master blaster Sachin Tendulkar and FIA GT 1 World Championship race driver, Armaan Ebrahim.

experience Dynamic1

Presently, the site has put up the pictures from the event, and also houses a ‘Keep me updated’ form where you can fill in your details to stay updated about the Dynamic 1.

BMW 1 Series Drive Dynamic Challenge

The automaker also hosted a 3-day weekend city challenge at various malls beginning with New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore over July and August. The challenge invited people to drive the Dynamic1 on a virtual racetrack, invite their friends for a challenge and win exciting BMW merchandise.

One could drive the virtual BMW 1 Series using iPads on these tracks. They could speed up, stop or reverse their cars using the iPads. Apart from winning and clearing levels, the challenge was to ensure that the car does not stray out of the racing track. An app on the Facebook page helped fans with the schedule, in addition to displaying the top scorers on a ‘Leaderboard’ and the pictures in the ‘Gallery’. The app also features a Facebook share button.


Both challenges have been driven using the social media channels of BMW India. The Facebook page with a 1.9 million strong community of BMW fans has been regularly updating them about the contests. The page is a visual treat with pictures of the car, the events and the virtual drive challenge. A video starring legendary cricketer and face of the brand, Sachin Tendulkar inviting fans to experience the Dynamic 1, was also  shared on the brand’s Facebook page.

The brand’s Twitter page, with 4K+ followers, is encouraging conversations around the hashtag #DYNAMIC1 and has yet not launched any contests on Twitter. The tweets are similar to the update on the Facebook page.

How ‘Dynamic’ is it?

BMW has always been quite dynamic in its social media outreach programs be it for the Ultimat3 or BMW X1. The auto brand has exhibited ‘sheer driving pleasure’ ahead of the launch of the Dynamic BMW 1 Series with its cool promotions. Giving the opportunity to experience the much awaited luxury hatchback to fans chosen from an online contest months before the car launches in India, is what is the most exciting bit in the promotional drive. Coupled with the chance to meet the god of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar, experience the dynamic 1 is a cool kick-start, ahead of the launch.

Expected to be priced between 20 -25 lakh rupees, the online campaign and the virtual drive challenge at the various malls might not necessarily bring in the bookings, however, it does manage to create social media chatter for the BMW Series 1. It also helps build on consumer aspirations of owning a luxury car some day.

Cool ideas supported by good execution make for a good promotion, what do you think?