How Are Indian Software Giants Faring On Social Media [Guest Post]

by Guest Author on October 8, 2021

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This is a guest post by Omkar Mishra(1), where he compares 5 major Software giants along with few others on their performance on social media.

According to Gartner’s study, the Top 5 IT Companies have had 23.8% growth in 2011 and have reaped in great progress in the field of Technology. So that made me think, how such bigwigs are using Social Media to their advantage. While every Engineer’s dream job is to work for one of these companies (I had a different dream though!) and most of the college graduates and wannabe Entrepreneurs being on Facebook and Twitter, it is a natural course for Software companies to follow suit and reach their target audience. 

Facebook Engagement

Facebook Fan Growth

The best growth in terms of Fans has been shown by TCS with 58% growth in fans from June 2012 to September. The Engagement Rate for them in August-September has been around 4.2%. Infosys in terms of engagement leads the pack along with TCS.

Infosys having one of the largest fan bases amongst the other Indian Software Companies also maintains a fair amount of engagement along with its fans. You may ask why?

infosys facebook page

Regular updates, trivia and training tips for their new joined recruits along with showcasing their work culture are some of the things they do to keep their Fan page interesting and lively. Facebook Timeline is filled in from the year it was established to the years of major achievements showcasing the minute details looked into while branding the page.

With over 240K employees in the company and Bangalore being one of the popular IT hubs in India, no wonder most of the engaged fans for the companies fan page are coming from Bangalore. One of the posts showcasing the view of one of their Bangalore campus buildings got over 500 shares and 3,000 likes. Also, they have integrated their Twitter and Facebook accounts within their Facebook page with their main Twitter handle along with the one led by the Talent Acquisition team. This would not only serve for general users who would want to know more about the company but also to the ones who would like to join and be informed if there are any new openings available within the Company. Hence, serving both the purpose.

‘Nurture your Hobby’ application was a nice way to connect with the existing employees with Infosys encouraging them to not give up on them and starting conversations with their employees as to what would be their hobbies they would like to keep up with in their free time. The application, though a great initiative could have been well executed instead of just a simple image and a Facebook comment system. Would have loved to see it more interactive and fun loving.

The top 3 posts which garnered maximum engagement (Sorted by Facebook Shares) by these companies are listed below:This proves posts with images work the best occupying more area than a simple text based status and being more eye candy to the fans. 

Post by

Post Type





Infosys Photo




Geeky Stuff with a hint of humor
HCL Photo




Career Alert!!
Infosys Photo




Infosys Wishing fellow Engineers a ‘Happy Engineers Day’ which struck a chord

Companies like CapGemini have also created a dedicated page for finding new talent across India with their Careers page. One of the big secrets to their healthy engagement rate of about 5% in the last 4 weeks being the recruitment drives they have been posting for various cities with new hopefuls inquiring and sharing the news feed amongst their friends. Along with that, Capgemini hosting the ‘Super Techies Show’ which boasted of being India’s first IT Professional reality show has around 25K fans.

capgemini indias facebook page

Other Companies like Wipro and L&T see minimal engagement, with one of the primary reasons being the content not attractive enough and no regular posting of updates. In fact there is a separate page for the Talent Acquisition Team. I would rather see my audience in one page, be it current/ex/going to be employees rather than scattering my target audience across telling them to like different pages at once. A central team and a central strategy to their Facebook pages would do better than creating individual pages for each work administrative areas.

The applications on both the pages though are outdated (pre https era of Facebook) and not at all maintained showing the familiar 501 Error. Also, HCL boasts of two applications on their tabs showcasing their tweets. Having two applications created for the same purpose makes no sense.


Twitter Engagement

On Twitter, HCL leads with the number of Followers with more than 70K. HCL has risen most in the June-October period adding more than 21K followers on to their Twitter account registering a 44% follower growth. Most of the tweets during the time span of 1st Sep,2012 – 1st October 2012 were observed to be proactive tweets with 51% of them being tweeted between 6 P.M and midnight (Source: UnMetric).


With most of them not allowing social media sites access during work, it makes sense for them to be actively involved post normal working hours (9 -5). I liked @Infosys Twitter branding with their main handle outlining links to different Social Media Properties. With so many Facebook pages and Twitter accounts named with their companies, it sometimes gets impossible to track and follow the right one. Most of the companies are sharing about Industry Trends and News with separate handles for Career opportunities on Twitter.

LinkedIn Engagement

The top 5 companies have a large presence on LinkedIn and are actively involved. With all the companies posting updates regularly, Cognizant and Infosys receive maximum likes and comments per status update on LinkedIn (30th Sep-6th Oct) while Wipro update frequency being 2 per day received least engagement or response from their followers on LinkedIn.

YouTube Engagement

YouTube Software Company Social Media

HCL in terms of engagement is way ahead and active on their YouTube Channel. The above Bubble graph shows the YouTube Subscribers for each company mapped on the X-axis followed by Video Views on the Y and the size of the bubbles represent the number of uploads done by them. You can see Infosys was the busiest in terms of uploading content but most views were garnered by YouTube Engagement for Indian SoftwareHCL. This due to a single video which was done by HCL showcasing their work culture and the campaign ‘Employee First’ showcasing their way of putting ‘Employees First and Customers Second’.

Though aided by ads on YouTube, the video has a fair amount of positive feedback in the comments section with people expressing desire of joining HCL. Leave that video aside and the other videos are on the same par as Infosys in terms of engagement. TCS on the other hand had disabled comments on their 30 videos uploaded which actually prevented any user engagement possible through the channel. A suicidal move for a company wanting to be on social media. All the companies except Wipro have segregated their Videos in to feature Playlists depending on the topic of the video in a systematic manner. This not only helps the consumer to pick and view their area of interest but makes the whole YouTube experience more organized.

SlideShare and Google Plus Presence

Infosys, HCL and Cognizant actively participate on SlideShare with their share of followers. TCS is not active on the network with their last activity being 3 months ago and Wipro though having a Careers At Wipro Account has not uploaded anything on it. Slideshare being acquired by LinkedIn is more or less a part of the professional network and would make sense for these companies to leverage their potential and expertise and showcase the same through Slideshare.

Google+ known for it being famous around the developer community is not so famous with these companies. Although, many of them are posting regular updates through the Social Channel, but receiving any response from those +1’s is another matter. Seems more out of compulsion than anything else.

Blogs and their use

Blogs and website optimization also being a keen part of the social media Awareness and are keenly followed by most of the companies. Wipro having a dedicated page for Social is nice to see, although, the design could have been less confusing and more attractive. L&T InfoTech came up with their own Social Media Policy and displayed it on their home page. The positioning and relevance of the icons matter too. Accenture India though having separate pages for Twitter and Facebook are still pointing to the Global Accenture accounts which in my opinion defies the whole sense of having a country level page for the company and not endorsing it on your own site. Also, placing the social bar on the bottom of your site which is the least viewed area in itself is inviting no response from the site visitors.


Software Footprint on Social media

Infosys wins this battle in terms of presence on every platform as well as engagement followed closely by HCL. Through minute details, such as filling up their Facebook timeline (which TCS and Cognizant also did to an extent) to actively participating on YouTube and SlideShare. They have made smart use of showcasing and using images and engaging content through their Facebook page hence showcasing the maximum fans and engagement rate. The Infosys blog is also well thought of and written with easy to spot social icons on the right for visibility and easy reach. Although they could have made use of Social Sharing icons in order to amplify their reach and encourage sharing among peers.

The way forward

1. Leveraging Facebook for existing employees as well as new ones. As most of your audience is more actively involved on Facebook, it would make more sense to be heavily involved in this primary social network.

2. Showcasing the campus around with all the pictures of your happy employees (who at least seem to be happy in the picture) builds around your regular network along with the ones who have not yet joined your company spreading a feel of positive-ness around your company. In access, it also helps shed the predictive ‘Yet another Software Company’ tag around you and makes the new joiners curious and looking forward to joining or at least preferring your side to other ones.

This has to be coupled with up-to-date applications and branding of your page. The timeline provided by Facebook can be leveraged as a great tool to showcase the history of your company and it’s essential achievements. Not only that, but also something of Company Values and celebrations along the journey. This ensures that the companies are not only boasting of their achievements, but while doing so, they do have fun as well.

3. LinkedIn Groups and Google+ pages can be leveraged for discussions around the Tech Community prolonging a consultative role online from the offline world as well. LinkedIn already known for its lead generation capabilities can be used here for the same role as well with company heads/experts playing evangelists and showcasing their capabilities in conversations with would be leads.

4. I do not know or do not have the reason to go to the company’s YouTube channel and subscribe to that software company unless given a reason. Call to Action is a key factor here. In order to gain followers to other platforms like Slideshare or YouTube you can always use the more popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter and share/portray the Videos or Slides your company has made to your wider audience. This will not only amplify your reach on every platform but also give you a chance to cross leverage each one of them for their own benefits.

5. One of the thing the Software companies can apply to attract new talents via Facebook would be to have an open forum app on Facebook, where they could invite former employees or current employees to share their experiences so far with the company and rate them on the scale of 1 to 10. This could also give a platform for the current and old employees (especially the old) to voice out their positives and negatives directly to the company and to the benefit of others/new joiners who are seeking advice about the work environment/experiences of the company. This would be on the same  lines of eCommerce sites where buyers rate the products which gives the potential customers an indication of what is in it for them.

6. Charity begins at home. So companies would first want to make their sites social savvy with all the links updated to their Facebook pages and Twitter accounts and positioning optimum to the eye. This would divert their regular traffic to their Social Channels and vice versa. Blogs if maintained should be optimal for social sharing tools and regular posts to increase amplification of its own content.

With literally more than a million IT professionals in India already working in IT related Industries and India producing more than 550,000 Engineers per year, there are still many areas for the IT Companies to tap in to recruit new hires as well as to showcase their expertise within the IT domain and outside.

What changes do you think Indian Software companies should take to act more social and garner more conversations around? Do let me know your thoughts via comments.

  1. Omkar is a Social Media Junkie and a ‘So Called’ Guitarist. Firm believer of ‘Google is my only Teacher’. Works @ eClerx by Day and Batman by night. Blogs random things related to the Digital Space and Music on []

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  • Ashish Langote

    The thing that is missing in this post is about dedicated apps run by these companies on facebook. Software giants can get some engagement and more access to peoples’ details(which almost every app asks for before using it). One app that I know about is Cognizant India Graduates Pole, where the company takes pole from its fellow freshers about ideas and initiatives that have already been deployed or are about about to be deployed.

    • csharpdflat

      Hi @facebook-1348087811:disqus ..Thanks for your feedback…Couldn’t find the app on their Official Facebook page though..Are you referring to a regional page of Cognizant??

      • Ashish Langote

        Have a look at this page of Cognizant. It is called as JoinCognizant( ), which shares details about current happenings in the company. Basically meant for freshers like us to know their employer better. A link for the app that I was talking about has been shared in one of the posts on this page.

        • Omkar Mishra

          Got it..Thanks Ashish for sharing this as well..Will surely check it out..:)

  • malharbarai

    Great post!! And liked the detailing.

    • Omkar Mishra

      @malharbarai:disqus Thanks Malhar..Glad to know..:)

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