How Are Global Brands Performing On Facebook [Infographic]

An article on how Are Global Brands Performing On Facebook in a form of an infograph produced by SocialBakers

social bakers global report on facebook

SocialBakers, the social media analytics company has recently shipped out an interesting infographic that talks about how global brands are harnessing the world’s largest social network, Facebook. The infograph that comes out close to the IPO of Facebook highlights on how bigger brands are taking Facebook Marketing to the next level. Bigger brands are no more living in silos and with good reason too - 83% of Facebook fans residing out of US have left them with no choice but go global. Hence, the infograph states a very clear message – “Think Global. Act Global.”

facebook-global brands-infographic

My Thoughts on the Report:

1. It comes with no shock that Coca Cola stands out at the top based on the 416 million number of Facebook fans followed by the likes of Starbucks, Converse, Redbull and Oreo.

2. India with 46 million Facebook users stands third after US leading the charts with 157 million followed by Brazil with 47 million users. The global brands that are making the move in India are Vodafone and Pepsi. Interestingly, Coca Cola is not found to make any move in any of the countries’ shown above in the infograph. Another interesting observation is that Starbucks in not only making moves in US but also conquered Mexico and Philippines.

3. Vodafone and Pepsi are also the most engaged global brands in 2011 in India apart from having the highest increasing fan growth. Another very interesting fact that could be observed from the data provided in the Global Brands engaging with their community is that Coca-Cola drives 0.00% engagement rate. Perhaps, with the enormous number of fans, Coca-Cola has not been able to reap a decent engagement rate. I believe other lesser-known brands can’t afford to do this on social media. In comparison to Coca-Cola, Starbucks which has the second largest fan count in the world drives not only an excellent engagement in the US but in countries like Mexico and Philippines too.

4. And the last section of data revealed by SocialBakers talks about the “Fastest Moving Global Brands”. The data that has been collected is not only for entire 2011 but it also includes the first quarter of 2012.  According to the data, Oreo is the fastest moving global brand in India with a 57% fold increase. Besides this if you see the chart, you can see the increasing movement of global brands in Brazil. Total of 5 brands have shown the increasing movement in Brazil with HALLS showing a 157 fold increase. With Brazil standing at the number two position in the number of Facebook users, brands are betting hard on Brazil.

Do let us know if this report from SocialBakers was informative and do you believe that the IPO knocking on the doors of Facebook will provide more avenues to brands for engaging with fans.