How 4 Publishers Are Using WhatsApp, Snapchat Wants $40 CPM For New Video Ads

Global digital news - WhatsApp is still labor-intensive and clunky platform for publishers, Snapchat is doubling prices for views of its new interactive videos, and more

How four publishers are using WhatsApp: Publishers are still trying to crack their WhatsApp strategy. While it’s tempting to be among the first on the messaging platform and gain access huge audiences, it turns out working with WhatsApp is still labor-intensive and clunky.

Red Cross History Lesson: Red Cross Flanders is marking International Red Cross Day, May 8, with “Red Cross History Lesson”, an animated film contrasting the impact of war-related symbols with the life-saving symbolism of the red cross.

War Child Mothers Day Sacrifice: Launching just in time for Mother’s Day, a new campaign from War Child aims to raise funds to support these mothers living in conflict. The work, developed in partnership with john st., takes a unique approach: asking mothers to make a Mother’s Day Sacrifice — giving up their usual gift in exchange for a donation to War Child.

Ben-u-ron Motherhood Vows: Bene Farmacêutica, a pharmaceutical company in Portugal, is promoting paracetamol brand Ben-u-ron with “E Para Sempre” (It’s Forever), an advertising campaign centred on the commitment of mothers. Launched initially for International Womens Day on March 8, the campaign began with “The Oath”/”Juramento”, a commercial celebrating the relationship of a mother with her child.

Snapchat wants a $40 CPM for new video ads: Snapchat is feeling emboldened with its latest ad offering, doubling prices for views of its new interactive videos, according to industry insiders. The  app is charging a minimum of 4 cents a view for what it calls 3Vi ads (vertical video views and interactive).

Inside Double Dutch, the agency that puts teenage girls in charge: Major brands like Mattel, Barbie and Zara are all trying to break gender stereotypes in their ad campaigns. But Molly Logan, co-founder of agency Double Dutch, plans to take women’s empowerment to the next level. She wants to change the way agencies themselves are run.

How The Sunday Times recruits new readers beyond its paywall: The Times has no plans for relaxing its paywall. But that doesn’t stop the publisher from recognizing the need to experiment with reaching beyond its subscription audiences.