Horn Ok Please Driving Sales Via Social Media

Horn Ok Please Driving Sales via Social Media


If you have a Guy Kawasaki enchanting his readers with ‘Enchantment‘, Michael Stelzner using his marketing and social media skills to launch ‘Launch‘, then there is a Kartik Iyengar spreading word of his debut book ‘Horn OK Please-HOPping to conclusions(HOP)’ through social media. Kartik Iyengar, a self proclaimed moron’s book is a heavy-metal journey across a booming India. The book that has no story line, no gyan but the USP of the book lies in its humour and wit alone. HOP is already in the limelight within three months of it’s release; it’s in the list of Top 10 business bestsellers. The self published book has entirely relied on Social Media and online sales to climb the ladder of success. Kartik’s sales for this book have been largely driven by Flipkart, Amazon, Facebook, etc. The 20,296 Facebook fans till date are the most influencial drivers for Kartik’s book.

The fan page is a hell of a ride with witty content giving a clear indication about the content of the book. The wall shows no scarcity of engagement with the readers. The coolest thing is the display picture of ET who proclaims to be a moron but he is making a mark on people to go and read the book with his witty charm. Continuous engagement with fans and solving their problems with  a dash of humour on the wall has really made us like the page. If you want to learn how to do Facebook engagment with fans, then this is an ideal case study to look for. Though the moron also has a Twitter account but the Twitter page mirrors the same content as of Facebook. Twitter engagement skills is still an area left to be explored in  India and HOP is no exception but if it can have a different kind of content and engagement with its Twitter fans, then it will surely hit the social media jackpot.

Kartik, already on his second book “Horn OK Please – The SCROTUM Scrolls,” is also leading a social cause with HOP. He has decided to present 50% of the proceeds from the book to the Mahesh Memorial Trust, Chennai(Tamil Nadu) and the Tibetan SOS Village in Leh(Ladakh). So if you plan to become a Hopper, then you can buy this book from Flipkart. Meanwhile you can make your day bright by joining the moron’s Facebook Fan page.

Source: Business Wire, India