How Horlicks Oats banked on crowdsourcing to generate 6,313 conversations around #OathToHealth

Case study by Foxymoron for Horlicks Oats urging people to take the #OathToHealth for a better life, submitted under the category: ‘Best Use of User Generated Content’ for LI Content Marketing Awards 2017

The Client

Horlicks (Glaxo Smith Kline) - Horlicks is a leading nutrition brand of GSK. Horlicks Oats provide various health benefits.

The Agency

FoxyMoron’s roots are based in an experiment. What started off as a summer project in 2008 evolved into something unbelievably enormous! It was the thought of having a good time while doing something we love, doing it because what’s life without a little mayhem, but most importantly, it was about doing things for the fun of it. This very philosophy is what converted our little summer project into one of India’s leading independent digital agencies.

In today’s environment when you have everything from Banks to Birth Control pills and Water Coolers to Air Purifiers with a digital presence, we place innovation above all in order to distinguish our clients from the herd! We always aim to make the brand a little more Foxy. We always do things differently, because we don’t know any other way. This works for us as it leads to thinking outside the box and coming up with ideas like never before. For our clients, it leads to innovative, interactive and impactful award winning work that raises the bar for the industry.

FoxyMoron has conceptualized, created and executed some of the biggest and successful brand led activities in India and our company has grown to become one of India’s leading digital marketing agencies, but nothing else has changed…we still follow the same philosophy!

Problem Statement

Not many people are very well versed with the health Benefits of Horlicks Oats. The brand wanted to create a hype around the health factor of the product and highlight its benefits through this campaign.

Identified Objectives

The challenge was that there weren’t enough conversations happening around the brand and the brand wanted to change that. They also realized that people tend to talk about health around New Year’s. Since the brand wanted to own this space, Horlicks Oats asked its followers to quit that one unhealthy habit that is coming in their way of becoming healthy this 2017.


The brand got people to talk about the #OathToHealth and every time people tweeted about the one bad habit that they would want to cut down on, the brand sent them a customized response on Twitter.

With this campaign, the brand also launched itself on Facebook. We began by making creatives out of the testimonials we received and started conversations on Facebook.

A healthier 2017 with Horlicks Oats! Did you take the #OathToHealth yet?Visit:

โพสต์โดย Horlicks Oats บน 13 มกราคม 2017

We collaborated with 500 mass influencers, as well as celebrity influencers who tweeted their #OathToHealth and helped amplify brand conversations.


  • 6,313 conversations around #OathToHealth
  • Trended No.1 on Twitter for 2 days
  • Followers increased by 214
  • 6K impressions on Twitter
  • Featured in Campaign India & Lighthouse Insights
  • Reached 40,53,684 people on Facebook
  • 22,09,542 Views on YouTube


The campaign helped in building advocacy for the brand since we used health lovers and generated testimonials. The blend of platforms helped us in reaching a wider audience.

Case study Video

OathToHealth case study

Horlicks Oats asked its followers to quit that one unhealthy habit that is coming in their way of becoming healthy earlier in 2017.The creative crowdsourced campaign became a hit and received 6,313 conversations around #OathToHealthAgency: FoxyMoron

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