Horlicks Nutribic Maximises Its TVC Launch Via Facebook

A review of Horlicks Nutribic launching its new TVC on Facebook, where fans had to guess the storyline to reveal the new ad


Snacking at work is commonplace, often leading to one having more tummy-fillers than any nutritious snacks. But, there’s help in the form of Horlicks Nutribic, a digestive biscuit from the house of GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare. Horlicks Nutribic is a unique and tasty nourishment for the working person to keep him going through long working hours, with its mix of apple and cereal fibers among other variants.

Interestingly, the new biscuit was introduced in an innovative manner using a fan engagement campaign on Facebook, where fans had to guess the storyline of the new TVC, prior to unveiling it on Facebook.

Unveiling TVC with the community

Beginning with teaser updates on the wall and a brand new cover photo, the Horlicks Nutribic Facebook page geared up its 194K fan base to get ready for a fun guessing game. The guesswork involved the brand sharing visual clues on the wall about the new ad and fans had to guess what the protagonist in the ad was up to. In addition to Flipkart vouchers, the fan with all right guesses won a Samsung Galaxy S Duo.

Horlicks Nutribic Cover page

Monday came with the first clue to help fans answer questions related to the television commercial. The clues asked questions like ‘what was Shalini Menon being marked for’, followed by other clues as what she did a 100% and what was she doing on her pinboard, with her computer, etc.

Simultaneously, the guessing progress was also reflected on the Cover Photo. With every correct guess, the jigsaw on the cover photo was revealed. in parts.

Some 8 clues and 4 days later, the TVC was finally unveiled on the Facebook wall. As is the reigning trend, the new TVC was aired on television only later!

Engaging the community

The new digestive biscuit has managed to create an impact on its Facebook community, with this cool campaign. Despite not trending on Twitter and not having a Twitter presence, Horlicks Nutribic has made good use of Facebook alone. Facebook being the most popular social network in India also has the biggest chunk of working professionals. The campaign has had an impact on the fan engagement too, with the people talking about peaking in the same week.

The other elements in the campaign are an industry trend now. Providing your Facebook fan base with exclusive access to the new TVC or movie trailers before airing it on television are commonplace. What really stands out is the unveiling of the TVC with the involvement of fans through the fun guessing game.

However, what matters is to keep the fans engaged and interested in your product. The Facebook wall is regularly sharing healthy tips on food and exercise for the working professionals, in addition to the dedicated website featuring expert speak and a link to the Horlicks Nutrition Academy. But building a healthy community might need an altogether new social network. In Jan 2011, Britannia NutriChoice created iHealthU - India’s first Health Social Network with the idea of building a health conscious nation. By being a part of the community, members could successfully stick to their health goals.

With this campaign, Horlicks Nutribic has introduced its new variants to the right target audience in an exciting manner, and we can’t wait to see what’s next in line! What are your views?