The Newly Launched Hootsuite Ads Lets Anyone Create High-Performing Facebook Ads

Hootsuite rolls out Facebook ads - a free feature that suggests the best Facebook posts to promote and automatically optimizes campaigns

The largest social network, Facebook still has more than 40 million active small business pages. With no organic reach left on Facebook today, businesses have accepted the fact that there is no free lunch. Facebook might have its own justification for killing organic reach, businesses today are aware if they want to reach customers on the network then the only way out is to burn money on Facebook ads.

For established companies, running Facebook ads isn’t tough but for small and medium scale it is still a pain. Getting the desired results via Facebook ads needs some knowledge and skills to get the targeting right.

Looks like Hootsuite, the popular social media management product used by more than 10 million users, has realized it as a pain point and launched Hootsuite Ads. Announcing on its blog, Hootsuite states, “Today we are excited to launch Hootsuite Ads for each and every Hootsuite user! Hootsuite Ads is a brand new product designed to help social media practitioners and content marketers turn Facebook content into high performing promoted posts with just two clicks.”

The solution that is in its beta stage is dead simple and gets you the desired results from Facebook ads even if you are not an expert on it. Upon clicking on the Ads feature on the Hootsuite dashboard, user is asked to select the objective for running the Facebook ads. These objectives are to reach more people, to get more followers, to drive engagement and increase more website traffic.

Based on the objective, Hootsuite pulls out the Facebook posts that should be boosted. Click on the Promote button and you are provided with Facebook targeting. Either you can define your choices or can go with the default options. With the targeting, the user is also shown the reach the post would achieve. After that connect your card and make the payment. Post that intuitive reporting clarifies an ad’s results. Success is made visible and easily understandable with simple metrics that tie to your business goals.

All Hootsuite users can now access Hootsuite Ads for free through their dashboard to create Facebook Promoted Posts.

The plus point in this product is that Hootsuite suggests Facebook posts with its intelligence that needs to be boosted based on the objective defined. According to HootSuite Vice President of business development Gregory Gunn the best posts to promote are those that already are doing well. “One of the biggest hurdles a new advertiser or light advertiser has is that they always want to promote the content that is not performing, and that’s actually not the proper strategy.”

Unlike Facebook, where the network keeps you sending notification to boost a certain post when it is doing good on the business page.

Definitely this is a great addition also for all those social media practitioners who are already using Hootsuite for social media management too. Simplicity and intelligence of Hootsuite behind this free roll out will influence users to give it a try. “We designed Hootsuite Ads for regular humans” says Ryan Holmes, CEO of Hootsuite. “Our vision is to make advertising so simple that anyone can create high-performing ads without training.”