HomeShop18 Launches ‘Shopping Makes Me Happy’ On Digital, Leverages Talking Cats & Memes To Engage Shopaholics

Ecommerce platform HomeShop18 has launched a new TVC campaign featuring two cats – a father named Billy and his son Sunny, in line with the brand’s ‘Shopping Makes Me Happy’ mantra

Homeshop18 sunny billy

Cats never fail to create buzz on social. Ecommerce platform HomeShop18 has launched a new TVC campaign featuring two cats – a father named Billy and his son named Sunny. In line with the brand’s ‘Shopping Makes Me Happy’ mantra, the duo have an interesting take on online shopping through HomeShop18 and the happiness that comes with it.

Conceptualized by Creativeland Asia and filmed in Photo-real Animation technique with finishing touches given by UPP, the TVC series has Billy and Sunny bring forth the various product categories and the ease and fun of shopping on HomeShop18’s TV channel, website or mobile app, and ends with a happy dance jingle by the two. The campaign has 5 unique advertisements with each film based on different life  insights with a pinch of humor; post the first umbrella film, the others are based on important product categories available at the etailer.

Here you can see the cat family that strongly believes in buying happiness from HomeShop18:

The 360-degree campaign also involves a cool extension on digital with a microsite. The agency behind the social media and digital activation of the campaign, Mindshift Interactive has created adorable cat memes to be shared and social media activities around it  spreading the mantra of ‘Shopping makes me happy’.

The two cats have been given a strong personality and a social media presence of their own that reflects it. You can read more about the cats in the ‘About’ page at the microsite in addition to watching all the TVCs. While Billy the father loves golf and online shopping and is the shopping guru at HomeShop18, he goes by the Twitter handle of @PurrfectBilly with a decent following of 199 on Twitter. Sunny loves movies, movies and masti and goes by the Twitter handle of @pAwesomeSunny. Together the duo help the brand spread happiness on social.


Besides, the microsite has a fun zone and Caturday sales section where you can find the best deals and discounts, apart from the contests section to keep yourself updated with the current and upcoming contests. Fun zone features shopping confessions and memes inspired by Bollywood. The interesting bit here is that you can subscribe to receive these through WhatsApp. Here are a couple of hilarious shopping memes:

HS18 memes-02

HS18 memes-05

The brand recently held the 18 Happy Moments contest with cameras, iPads and LED TVs to be won. The microsite enabled with a Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus login got participants to tweet 18 things that made them happy using the campaign hashtag #18HHappyMoments.

Making online shopping fun

The new campaign seems to be have smoothly incorporated the elements that go viral on the internet – cat videos and memes. In fact, here you have a family of talking cats each with a personality of his own and a social media presence to boot for. Having an adorable father-son cat family bring you the joys of shopping on the brand’s site has helped HomeShop18 stand apart from the competition, in addition to building a decent and fun social media engagement for the brand.

The addition of WhatsApp subscription for fun shopping memes further strengthens the reasons for an online shopper to engage with HomeShop18 as the ecommerce brand of choice. The microsite coupled with the social media activities, memes, and the talking cats have given a fresh perspective to the brand and more talking points through digital, social and mobile.