HomeShop18 And Samsung Mobiles Association [Case Study]

by Vinaya Naidu on October 6, 2021

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  • Tweet and Samsung Mobiles wanted to promote the SIII and hence got along with social media partner, Mindshift Interactive, to create exciting campaigns around Facebook and Twitter.

With the ecommerce market growing at a fast pace and the new players around the space, virtual retailing has become all the more competitive. Ecommerce giants are fighting it out neck to neck with deals, contests and just about anything to lure the consumers. Online retail site, HomeShop18, a venture of the Network18 Group, one of India’s leading media, Internet and entertainment groups is striving hard to create a mindspace.

The online retail store needed to build buzz around its association with Samsung Mobiles and increase traction to its website. Digital agency, Mindshift Interactive was employed to achieve this and here’s a case study as to how they went about this:

Objective of the campaign:

  • Leverage and Samsung Mobiles’ association via Social Media
  • Increase traction on
  • Create plenty of buzz and outreach via Twitter

Idea for Facebook:


A Facebook contest titled ‘Get lucky with Samsung Galaxy S3′, was created that got fans to search through the Timeline or the website to find answers.  The contest, hosted on an app, asked fans 5 questions about SIII and and a reason on ‘Why they deserved an SIII’. The app provided fans with 5 clues which lead to the Facebook Timeline or onto the website. The faster to answer and the wittiest reason to win was declared as the winner!

Returns through Facebook:

  • 7,899 Entries with 66000+ viral Shares
  • Addition of 10000+ fans on Facebook (organic)
  • 3000+ clicks on HomeShop18’s website via the Samsung Application
  • 2,00,000+ outreach on Facebook via Posts
  • About 9,00,000+ viral outreach via the application

Trending #S3FromHomeShop18 on Twitter:

A Twitter contest ‘#S3FromHomeShop18’ was run as a 3-day campaign with 3 tasks required for participation by twitteraties. First task was to follow and retweet the contest announcement tweet by @HomeShop18. Second task is to tag a friend who they thought deserves to win the S3. And the third task was to share pictures that were considered lucky by them.


In less than 30 minutes of announcing the contest, #S3FromHomeShop18 started trending in India and a few other cities. The concept was different from the usual. Tagging friends on Twitter and sharing pictures considered lucky by them was a refreshing change. Here are a few statistics involving #S3FromHomeShop18.



Ending thoughts:

Mindshift Interactive seems to be creating buzz for many brands including one for HomeShop18. Earlier to mark Chetan Bhagat’s book release of ‘What Young India Wants’, Mindshift created a massive buzz with ‘#18ThingsIWant’ where people were invited to share 18 things they wanted in life. The smart use of a generic hashtag built so much buzz that it trended in India and in each of the cities too, and also had a cumulative reach of over 1.6 million.

With the S3 promotions, the brand involved Facebook too. The Samsung app on HomeShop18 Facebook page and the engagement on the wall is a good idea of a barter between both brands to leverage social media better. The Facebook campaign not only helped in fan growth but also helped build traffic to the website. Twitter was leveraged in the right manner by asking people to tag their friends and give a reason too, unlike the regular contest of some random questions.

Here’s the SlideShare to the case study.

Campaigns likes these help build seasonal traction but the challenge is to maintain it further in a rapidly evolving eCommerce space. What do you think about this HomeShop18 campaign?

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