Hockey India Relaunches And Goes Social Too

by Prasant Naidu on October 23, 2021


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The official website of Hockey India recently relaunched The relaunch means a much cleaner look and adding the social aspect. The site now has a presence on major social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

The revamped site promises to bring rich content for its fans from the world of hockey with a user-friendly layout and definitely more  engagement on the social channels.

“Launching a new Hockey India website was overdue and very high on our priority list,” said Dr. Narinder Batra, Secretary General, Hockey India. He also added, “This is an important step by Hockey India following our commitment to promote hockey in the country and we are very pleased with the product we are presenting to the fans today.”(1)

How cool is the relaunch?

The relaunch definitely is clean and has a magazine look that most of the content based websites have these days. The Facebook and Twitter page has shown a decent activity going on considering it to be early days for the website.

The Facebook page, with more than 870 fans, is doing a decent job by updating fans with all the activities that are happening in the International and National level. The page is judiciously using image and text on Facebook but Twitter seems to be clueless. The tweets are being synced with Facebook updates which is redundant. The social media team at Hockey India needs to work on this since every network is unique in its existence and we should do justice if we want to excel on it.

Timed really well, the relaunch comes when Hockey India is planning to have it’s Hockey India League(HIL), a professional league for field hockey competition in India in 2013.  The content seems to be good but if editorial content could be blended well with news then it could resonate with fans. Something Khelnama is doing these days. Nevertheless, a great move to create awareness and buzz about a game on the Internet that once fetched us six consecutive Olympic gold medals.

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