Hockey India League On Facebook

About the Hockey India League facebook page and it's social media performance on the page.

Long before Cricket became our national passion we were known as a nation powerful in hockey. Not surprisingly, hockey is our national sport. But over the years, the popularity declined due to the emergence of cricket and various business models built around it. We have seen how the sponsors are pouring money on cricket.

Lately, this trend is changing though. With decline in performance and busy cricketing schedules, people seem to have had too much and are moving to other sports. The hockey association has been quick to understand this trend and also they know how successful (from a business perspective) the IPL or EPL are. Also, the Premier Hockey League last year was pretty successful and so this year we have ‘Hockey India League‘. Am sure the short and fast game would catch everyone’s fancy and we will have a better show!

You may wonder what does it have to do with Social Media! So here it is - there is a Facebook Page associated with it, an unofficial one so far. But it’s quite an interesting campaign to create awareness about ‘Hockey India League’. While, the concept of ‘Hockey India League’ is similar to cricket’s ‘Indian Premier League’, the Facebook Page is quite an interesting place to visit.

With over 1700+ likes and also similar amount of people talking about it, you surely have a page that has some great engagement going on for them.

What I liked?

1. Information: The page is full of information, about the team, players and owners. It’s kind of go-to place for anything on the event.

2. Theme: The page is very strong on theme - player interview, owner details, etc.Each post that we see has photos about either the players or the event and these updates are built around a strong visual theme.

What could have been better?

1. Engagement: If you’re considering the number of likes for each update as an engagement, then it’s good. Personally, I do not share your view, for me until someone doesn’t leave a comment, I have very less chance to engage. So, I would have hoped that the Admin could have responded to each comment and that would have helped them in gaining further page views.

2. Apps: As a Facebook page for ‘Hockey India League’, I would have loved to see some app that would have had a small game or videos or even some contests. Furthermore, they could have tied-up with the sponsors to have some give-aways. Since contests are a great way to garner attention and I hope that toward the start of the season, we might see few.

Nonetheless, if you are hockey fan or remotely associated with hockey, do visit this page and share some love. As of writing this post, even the match schedule has been announced on the page, so go watch one in your city!