There’s #NothingDirty here: Why Hitachi Got Badshah For The Coolest Summer Party Song

Hitachi has roped in Badshah, India’s most popular rapper at the moment, for a summer party song, and for some smart promotions of its iClean range of AC's

Hitachi Badshah rap anthem

This is the season of anthems. Brands are rolling out their anthem videos one after the other, in a bid to woo the millennial generation that aren’t sold to ads. The latest to join the anthem bandwagon is Hitachi, the home appliances company, for the promotions of its I-Clean range of air conditioners. Hitachi has roped in Badshah, India’s most popular rapper at the moment, for its anthem song.

Why a rap song for an AC, you ask? The connection is brutal but will almost create a dent in your mind for the new AC, and that’s a good thing in these hot summer days, when AC sales shoot up in the country.

The I-Clean range of air conditioners is powered with the IClean Plus technology that cleans your AC’s filter automatically for superior cooling and maximum efficiency. So also does rapper Badshah – he automatically cleans the lyrics given to him, and manages to bring out a cool, clean, summer party rap song.

Conceptualized by Dentsu Creative Impact, the anthem starts with VJ Bani and Rapper Badshah meeting for a rap challenge. Since Badshah is known to turn any lyrics into a cool rap number, she challenges him to create a cool party song from lyrics by a certain Rapper DK. Our man finds it difficult to make a song out of it, as he finds a few lines offensive and vulgar.

Looking to win the challenge, he rewrites the lyrics by ‘cleaning up’ the dirty stuff’. That’s how the new anthem ‘Cool it down’ is created, while the studio cools down with the Hitachi ac.

Lyrics are fairly decent: Aya badi door se, karne main chill, kamar hili teri, tho gaya main bhi hil, har ek move tera kartha hai kill, in the process, tu le gayi mera dil. Further, lines like this tie back to the self-cleaning AC - ‘dil hai saaf mera, banda main hun clean’

Hitachi’s Facebook and Twitter pages began to spread the word with teaser images. The trademark shades of the popular rapper made an entry first, then the man was revealed with the big news of the coolest summer party anthem, cheekily hashtagged #NothingDirty. Finally the rap song was released and now there is the mandatory Dubsmash contest rising the Dubsmash wave in the country.

Promoting an AC to Gen-Y

Rap songs are notoriously dirty. Lyrics are tasteless but catchy nevertheless, we’re all guilty of tapping our feet a little if not indulging in some heavy head-banging. The connection of ‘dirty’ as in a party song being likened to the ‘dirt’ collecting in the AC filter is something not directly related but does ensure the Hitachi iClean AC an association with ‘nothing dirty’.

It is smart to see Hitachi weaving in its new self-cleaning AC seamlessly into a party song, more liked by youngsters. Besides, Badshah’s popularity in the country will work better to spread the anthem to the masses, as compared to a regular AC ad. However, I’m not sure whether youngsters are the decision makers at home when it comes to buying an AC for the home.

Social media and Dubsmash contests seem to be the order of the season; the brand, like most brands on social media these days, is making hay while the sun shines. Hitachi’s #NothingDirty is trying all the popular tricks in the social book, and that’s impressive for a home appliances brand.