Burn, shoot or stab? Kala HIT Lime aims to discover ‘101 ways to kill a mosquito’

Godrej Kala HIT's latest digital campaign makes a clever cocktail of user generated content coupled with its own wild ways to kill a mosquito, for the promotions of new Lime flower variant

How far would you go to kill a mosquito? Would you catch them, break their wings and roast them in an oven, or would you prepare a nice hot, steaming beaker of acid to put them into? In case you are in the jungles, and it is their favourite season – the monsoons, they are in for a treat, you would surely want to shoot them right away. If that sounds absurd, then maybe you could burn them with your lighter. How about mincing them to prepare some juicy machchar keema?

Personally, I’d prefer to avoid them with mosquito nets installed in my windows. The farthest I would go to protect myself from this mankind’s oldest and most dreaded enemy is to spray some mosquito repellent around my home.

But, revenge is sweet they say, and one mosquito repellent brand has embarked on a unique journey to discover ‘101 ways to kill a mosquito’, along with fellow consumers sharing a similar spirit of revenge against mosquitoes.

Godrej Kala Hit, a household spray insecticide for mosquitoes, has introduced a new variant called HIT Lime Flower Fragrance that kills mosquitoes instantly and leaves behind a pleasant lime flower fragrance. Instead of taking the usual route on digital to spread word about HIT Lime Flower, the brand has chosen to make it a digital interaction showcasing the wit and creativity of its users. Additionally, the humourous approach on digital is also synonymous with the brand’s hilarious TVC.

It all began when the monsoons had left our cities flooded with water and our homes with mosquitoes. A number of people got on to Twitter to complain about how annoyed they are about mosquitoes and to what extent are they ready to go to kill them. The brand tracked these conversations and built on to them. A number of content pieces featuring wild and wacky ‘ways to kill a mosquito’ were created in the form of gifs, short videos, etc. It then revealed the most convenient way of killing mosquitoes - the Kala HIT Lime Flower Fragrance.

Post that, the brand launched a contest inviting users to participate by sharing more wacky ideas to kill mosquitoes. Coupled with brand generated content and user-generated content, the new Kala HIT created a repository of crazy ways to kill a mosquito.

Content pieces were shared on the brand’s Twitter and Facebook pages:

The best ideas are housed at the campaign microsite, where viewers can choose to share them via social sharing buttons. All the tweets with #HitToKill are also being tracked on the microsite. One can enter the contest by submitting their unique way of killing a mosquito, either in image or video form.

Co-creation. Content-rich, Cool.

“101 ways to kill a mosquito” is content marketing done right in this ever-on digital age. Rather than sticking to a regular TVC extension and sprinkling a few social media contests to spread the word, Godrej Kala HIT’s latest digital campaign makes a clever cocktail of user generated content coupled with its own wild ways to kill a mosquito. Then introducing a convenient way to kill mosquitoes makes for a better impact, for the promotions of its new Lime flower variant.

Content created is fun, witty and lends itself to increased social sharing. Besides, co-creation adds an element of fun and memorability, while building the brand as a millennial-focused one with each piece of wacky content. The concept that stems from tracking organic conversations on social media will always work in a brand’s favour; this one has raised brand recall for a fragrant mosquito repellent.