HIT Kill Malaria Makes CSR Fun For Its Fans

A look at HIT Kill Malaria campaign on Facebook by insecticide spray, HIT as part of its CSR initiatives for fighting against malaria


Malaria kills thousands every year. As per the World Health Organisation (WHO), the World Malaria Report 2012 shows India to be among the most affected countries in the South East Asian region. It is a shame to have fatal diseases caused by a mosquito, even to this day. In its fight against malaria, Godrej’s HIT insecticide spray has played a significant role in increasing awareness about the disease and its prevention, with its ‘HIT Kill Malaria’ campaign. The campaign initiated in 2010, engages with a range of activities in schools and housing societies, along with the municipal corporation in various cities.

Apart from an interactive website that encourages one to join the cause against malaria and never miss an opportunity, the brand has included fun ways to contribute to the cause. Visitors can share their stories of lost opportunities and get featured on the site, as well as be a part of the ‘Do Good’ initiative. For every person who joined the ‘Do Good’ campaign, HIT donated Rs. 2 towards its Corporate Social Responsibility tasks that include creating awareness, cleaning up and fumigation operations in slums.

Hit Kill Malaria campaign

But, the Hit Kill Malaria campaign has a bevy of interesting additions to its online efforts this year. The campaign that is actively engaging through the Facebook page ‘Malaria Kills Opportunities’, is donating Rs. 10 for every fan who joins the page. Also, more contributions can be made through the fun Facebook app ‘War against malaria and dengue’, by way of killing mosquitoes and sharing the score on your wall!


Once you ‘like’ the page, you can access the app. Level 1 begins in the living room and goes on to levels at the bedroom, office, etc. You have 3 weapons in your disposal for the fight against malaria, and these get activated with the number of mosquitoes you manage to kill. You have 2 minutes and 4 lives  at every level and you can always keep improving your score. The game goes like this:

Follow the marker and kill as many mosquitoes as possible, with only your bare hands to begin with. After 25 are killed, your second weapon, the racquet gets activated. Start electrocuting them and after 45 are killed, you get the third and most effective weapon - the HIT Kill Malaria Spray. You move to the next level as soon as you are done with 65 mosquitoes but remember that each mosquito bite can cost you a life!

You can go through the ‘Hall of Fame’ to see the leaderboard featuring the top contributors. However, the ‘Do Good’ tab and the Terms & Conditions link do not seem to be working.

A substantial sum is being collected for every activity performed by a fan. Apart from donating Rs. 10 for every new like, HIT will donate another Re. 1 for every mosquito killed in the app. If you allow the app to post your total donation on your wall, another Rs. 50 will be added to the donation kitty! 

CSR getting fun

2013 has begun on a promising note with CSR getting fun and inclusive for the online community. The ‘War against malaria’ app is well thought of and will pave the path for interesting CSR campaigns this year. The concept of making donations for killing mosquitoes, sharing the score and liking the page, helps the brand to not only build a positive image but also make it look cool and youth-centric.

However, the app could do with a little polishing by having a feature to mute the sound in the game. It is kind of annoying with the background music playing nonstop for the full 2 minutes at every level, that a fan might not want to keep donating further. Besides, the T&C link does not work, as I mentioned before. This might not be good for a CSR campaign that works on trust.

Nevertheless, it is fun to play the Facebook game and I’m certain that the fun multiplies when you know that every time you score, you help someone fight against malaria.