History Har Din, History TV18 Social Media Campaign

Article on the History Har Din, History TV18 Social Media Campaign and how its being executed

Television is getting closer to social media with every passing day and this time TV channel History TV18 narrows the gap. ‘History Har Din’, the latest initiative by the channel is an innovative UGC (user generated content) show, which gives the viewers a chance to be associated with the show as reported by BestMediaInfo. Since history is also created by common man everyday and often gets unnoticed so History TV18 has rightly picked up the theme, which goes well with it’s brand positioning.  And to reach to the masses the TV channel has promoted a massive online and social media campaign.

‘History Har Din’ Social Media Campaign:

‘History Har Din’ the online campaign has also been launched on popular social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  The campaign is all about sharing those moments of your life, which you think, was unique and has every reason to be called history. So if you have such moments then capture it in photos or videos, upload it with a caption and stand a chance to be featured in the TV program or win gift hampers by History TV18. The Facebook page (yet to be changed to the new Facebook brand pages with timeline) has a dedicated tab for the campaign. The tab looks exciting with the brand ambassador Salman Khan standing upfront but it is not tied to any Facebook app rather it takes to the portal where non-Facebook users are also participating. So if you have a historic moment in your life then upload it as a picture or video but make sure that you add a caption to justify why you consider it as a historic moment and do make sure its before 23rd May, 2012. The contest has several other guidelines which one should check by clicking on the link “Know More” present on the website.

History tv18 facebook
History Har Din Facebook Landing Page

Along with the Facebook, Twitter presence of History TV18 is also supporting the campaign. #MakingHistory is the hashtag that the brand is using to spread the awareness about the campaign among it’s Twitter community.

The whole initiative driven by History TV18 is not only unique but also commendable seeing the present times.  Not only will this campaign provide a tremendous reach amongst Indians but will also be popular among youngsters. The latest entries and the winners that are being declared on the Facebook wall is a proof of it.

History Har ek din
History Har Ek Din Winner

However it would have been great if the page had a Facebook app created for this campaign on Facebook so that fans need not leave the network. Along with this the brand could have also featured the winners in a different tab showcasing their history moments. Although I understand the idea is driving traffic from Facebook to the portal but then the big question that the brand needs to ask itself or find out is – how many people are interested to leave Facebook and go to a different website when they are having fun on a social space.

But then you can’t really snatch the moment from History TV18, which has taken a bold step of moving from the traditional ways and being more social. Recently I had shared my views on – Is Social TV the next big thing in India. I have categorically said that we are too early for Social TV but then these moves like the one taken by History TV18 or Sony PIX or Airtel is slowly bridging the gap between TV and social media. I consider this to be the initial steps before we could even think of Social TV in India.

I am wondering what historic moment I have created in my life but till then if you have one, don’t hesitate and just upload it on the portal of History TV18. Who knows whether your historic moment can get you fame too!