Hireplug- Recruits The Social Way

Hireplug- Recruits The Social Way


“Reach out to the network where your potential customers reside” is always an advice given to businesses. With Facebook being one of the active networks in India it is logical to find all ideas, thoughts to be diverted towards it. Today you can do shopping on Facebook, order food, buy movie tickets, etc. The list is endless and in addition to it, companies can recruit people who are hooked on to social media especially Facebook. Hireplug, Pune based company claims to simplify the recruiting process with the help of social media. Featuring jobs, sharing them on various social networks and creating a talent pool will help companies to recruit better in comparison to traditional methods.


Hire Plug Facebook App

Hireplug thus becomes a recruiting app for businesses which enables sharing, recommending and applying. To know more about Hireplug, I got in touch with Rajan Chandi and did a small email interview which is shared below:

Rajan Chandi

1. Hi Rajan thanks for taking time out and talking to us. Rajan we would love to know about you and what is keeping you busy these days in Openweb labs Pvt Ltd.

We’re focusing adding new ways to recruit Social Networks. We’ve been working with a major implementation with Capgemini. They’re looking to deploy the product to 5000 employees. There are many exciting problems to be solved as we work with them.

2. Hireplug is one of your flagship product that is used for recruiting talent via social media. Can you tell a bit more on how it works?

Hireplug helps companies recruit top talent from social network in general and social networks of their employees in particular.It is very important for a company to recruit from employees’ social connections because,

  • It lowers cost per hire
  • best quality talent is recruited through referrals
  • builds a close-knit workplace where everyone knows their friends - a much tightly bonded company!

Facebook has 31 million Indian adults as compared to 11 million of Monster and 14 million of Naukri.com

3. Rajan, we have traditional job portals in India and LinkedIn India has created a real presence. What are the reasons that are inducing recruiters to use your service?

Job portals have less than 50% of talent with them. LinkedIn is good but without present phone numbers it is not primary source of recruitment. Hireplug also has a LinkedIn app which gets called from our Facebook App. Essentially, our solution helps companies to recruit from all social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Recruiters for example can reach out to only IIMers with Facebook Ads along with our Facebook App and get them to apply to the position without leaving Facebook interface. Also, Our LinkedIn app can suggest them best suitable candidates in their Network for a given job opportunity. What we’ve built is comprehensive Social Network Recruitment Solution!

4. Hireplug has given more importance to Facebook when compared to other networks. Featuring jobs, building a talent pool, ‘We are Hiring’ app etc. for Facebook. Why the focus is centered around Facebook alone?

Facebook has 7 times more candidates than LinkedIn. Also, Facebook has the best application platform and Ad Targeting abilities. If we make complete use of it we may only miss LinkedIn. So, we’ve built a very deep integration with LinkedIn too.

5. Hireplug has Plans and Pricing feature for recruiters. Can you talk about the analytics and Employment branding you are providing?

We’ve very deep analytical capabilities. Our solution tracks who shared how many jobs, how many applicants applied on a given date and much more other reports. These reports help management take a better course of action and keep improving the results from social recruiting.

Job candidates on Social Media are more curious and want to know about company, culture, achievements etc. Our Facebook app provides ability to demonstrate logo, videos and all the info. that a candidate might be interested in knowing about.

6.  Hireplug has integrated Facebook credits with its pricing plans. Can you share how recruiters have responded to this feature?

We’ve not yet integrated Facebook credits. We’ll be integrating credits as soon as enough number of employers are interested in using that feature. We think credits are an exciting idea because it will boost the results with Hireplug. At this point, Social Recruiting is in its nascent stages and we are going to explore credits as it matures a bit and we can get more companies interested.

7. Finally, how has the industry reaction been so far and any new features that are part of the future roadmap.

Industry reaction is positive. At the same time, we need to understand that Human Resources is not one of the most innovative industries. Things move much slower as compared to products in consumer space. We’ll keep innovating in this space and we only disclose features that are actually going live with. We have many ideas.


With every passing day, social media is growing big and Facebook is getting bigger in India. Thus it makes sense that companies adopt social recruiting. In addition to being an exciting idea, Hireplug is also an excellent Indian social media case study in B2B. As Indian businesses, how open are you in applying social recruiting?  In case you are using Hireplug, do let us know about it.